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Hohohohohohoho Asia defeated America India defeated America.Our Mukesh Ambani became the richest in d world.?

hohohohohoho sub continant rules.Cheers!!!!!!!!!

I have posted this question in Cricket category as I can get many answers.


Oh my friend M A N.There is no use for me but I cans ay we Asians can overtake American in few years.

Update 2:

Oh my friend M A N.There is no use for me but I cans ay we Asians can overtake American in few years.

Update 3:

Oh my friend Satish Nalaka it is telecasted all over in the world by news channels.Just look it into that.

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    thanks Prince Sarangu....

    for the news flash~

    is it true? gimme some details to prove that~

    congrats anyways..

    we like to know more gimme a URL

    we like to read it...India is becoming a developed country with economy booming however your country has a problem. Da "population". the politicians are not so honest, creating partition between castes , religions etc. muslims are too many among the politicians too~

    well done however~

    its a monumental acgeivement on his part.

    Bravo to that guy~~

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    4 years ago

    R u serious. I have been seeing similar questions everywhere. Just because one man became the richest doesn't make the entire India an amazing place to live in. Seriously ! IF Mr. Ambani was going to use that money to help those poor kids, I probably might say that, India has something to be proud of.

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    A short while ago there was a news item about

    Mukesh Ambani's assets having crossed $55

    billion.With the booming Indian economy and the phenomenal rise in the BSE index,it was only a matter of time for Mukesh to become

    the world's richest man.Surely he has done India proud.Let us hope that the economic reforms continue at the same pace so that

    Mukesh continues at the top spot.

    Mr.M A N has posed three questions which I would like to answer.Firstly, all of us Indians are truly thrilled that an Indian has made his mark in the world financial arena which is nothing to be sneezed at.Secondly,he asks whether you are a partner in Reliance.He

    probably does not know that Mukesh's father

    proudly made more than three million Indians as

    partners in Reliance when he broadbased the

    shareholding pattern of the company by offering the Indian public a chance to partake in the company's growth.The Reliance family tree

    was further watered and nurtured by Mukesh

    to an extent that it is even bigger than the

    famous banyan tree at the Theosophical Society's grounds at Chennai.I am sure that the number of shareholders of Reliance must be one of the largest,if not the largest,in the world.And every shareholder is happy that his wealth has grown with the company.The shareholders were rewarded with a super

    bonanza at the time of the demerger.Mr.M A N

    may not be aware as to how many people have become millionaires through the largesse

    of the father and son.There are hospitals run by the Reliance group where the poor receive free treatment.With the genormous(this is a word that recently has found a place in the Webster's Dictionary)growthof Reliance in various divers fields so much employment has been generated that one of India's major problems is being addressed in a grand way.

    Mr.M A N is either ignorant of these facts or he is a die hard cynic who is generally supercilious

    about people like Mukesh.He should not pass

    comments without verifying his facts.Mukesh's

    noblesse oblige is not to be questioned by the ilk of Mr.M A N.

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    the assets evaluation done by an external agency is slightly faulty. Mukesh is 53 b$ actually however the sensex gave him an initial worth evaluation (misnormer) higher than Bill.

    However Mukesh and Anil (combined Dhirubhai) are more than 100 b$ so much higher than bill.

    yes, India is becoming a developed country with economy booming however this country has a chronic disease called as population. the politicians are rogue in this country creating partition between castes , religions etc. muslims are vote bank of the politicians. muslims keep generating children like machines and creating a burden on the country.

    there is lot of mismatch in rich and poor. world,s richest are here and world's poorest are here too.

    India can never deafeat US for another 50 years as US is very systematic in keeping a check of their population and US knows how to mishandle resources of other countries and how to do the brain drain of talented people of other countries.

    Dictatorship for few years can make this country compete with US. i mean a democrat dictator like G W Bush. hope you understand , what i m saying.

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    he must have become poor as Reliance fell by around Rs. 55 today. ( i believe he is far from being the richest because a huge stake in Petroleum Trust is added to the promoter's share which actually belongs to the shareholders and not just the promoters)

    To all those who say he has not done anything for the poor, businessmen in general have their self interest foremost in their mind. While they grow their businesses, other stake holders also gain like, the shareholders, customers, government, bankers, employees, suppliers, ancillary industries etc. Businesses are not run for the uplifting of the poor but the overall development of the societies and that ofcourse comes at a cost like exploitation, monopoly, personal enrichment, pollution etc. If Mukesh Ambani had spent his entire life for the philanthropic cause he would not have generated economic benefits to such diverse stakeholders.

    i guess i should have posted this on rediff.

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    I do not know what is Mukesh's contribution, but I do appreciate Dhirubhai who created this big empire from nothing. His vast industrial empire has helped India develop industrially and provided jobs to many Indians. I just had a quick glance at other answers. Someone has said who is happy. Are you his partner? This answer is in bad taste. We dont have to be happy with only our personal progress and envy others'. It is not his progress that makes me happy, but the jobs his industries provide to a large number of Indians. When I graduated as a chemical engineer with a very bright career in 1967, I remember how much was I struggling to get a job. When my son graduated, he got a job from Reliance a year before graduation and the opportunities he had were so many that he refused to accept it. The credit to considerably improved job situation in India goes to these industrialists and certainly not to politicians who simply promise employment to get power and hardly do anything. Of course, Mukesh's first rank in the world is just a number game and does not have much meaning. Reliance, Wipro, Infosys, and many companies in India have considerably improved job opportunities to Indians and that is what I am happy about.

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    Ambani's position is based on the rise of the Sensex, so don't get your hope's high. The last time the stock exchange had such a rise we got a know about a certain Harshad.Mehta.

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    As a country, India should feel ashamed of it. It hosts the richest person of the world, yet it is listed as one of the backward countries.

    While I appreciate Mukesh, I believe he teaches a lesson to each Indian. One should have a vision and the required persistence to meet it. Our guys are always busy trying to bring others down. Lack of self-discipline, ignorance of rules, disrespect for others, jumping guns, feeling themselves much greater than they deserve etc., etc.,

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    Sounds good. I heard the breaking news too. Hope it was not for one day only.

    I can imagine why you posted here. So you get all Indians to gloat.

    I wish they would make it a better country. I am so disheartened at the attitude of people; they are going back. Not making progress. Behaviour I mean.

    So any landmark is welcome.

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    Check yesterday's news.RIL have informed officially that he is not the richest person in the world.

    Great to hear the news that he is very rich but how much has he done to make India better?

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    I take an opportunity to congratulate him and his team,but we should not forget others lke Tata ,Birla godrej Bajaj and many more,who have contributed to development of our country!If any body regards india is backward country,then i srongly condemn!I have got reports of many countries,but its not good to put any body in wrong box,though an indian,i appreciate Bill Gates when he stood up for indians for visa policy!lets make this page a global one,so we can have many friends on this page!

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