whats wrong with my computer's memory?

i'm new to the whole computer fixing thing but in the last few days i've been learning as i go...so here's the problem...my anti-spyware , anti-virus, and firewall ,all of which i see as necessary at start up, is taking way to much of my memory...i'm running windows/xp on a hp pavillion about 6 years old( could be the problem lol) i have wiped it with system recovery...installed two anti spyware, one anti virus, and a firewall...using msconfig i have nothing running at start up exept these programs and even shut down some system operations...still, right after start up im using about 200k commit charge at a limit of 295k...once im on a browser its over 230k.... ive just error checked and getting ready to defrag...if that dont help im stuck... any ideas ?....my cpu is fine now but i cant use certain anti spy removers because they will crash it...spybot puts my cpu at 100 and it stays there till it shuts down now im using avg it seems to be easy on my system ...any ideas ?


im not sure how to tell how much memory i have installed but commit charge says limit 295472 ...not enough?

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    There is nothing wrong with your computer memory.

    First of all, If you are not running any heavier apps or games means, for Win XP system, all you need is Celeron Processor, with 10 / 20 GB HDD, with 128 MB RAM.

    But be sure on what you install / what you need / where you install.

    I am not sure about your HDD capacity and size of your partitions. But general recomendation is,

    You need min 4 GB space in C drive for XP alone(2 GB for OS files + RAM capacity x 3 times for virtual memory + 1 GB free space)

    What you can do?

    1. If you have more space - no issues, but if you have only 4 GB, do not install any other s/w in C drive - install them on other drives.

    2. Remove all unnecessary startup programs.

    3. Run RegCleaner

    4. Run CCleaner

    5. If required check for temp files manually & remove.

    6. Check your Task Manager - Process after boot up, for any thing odd process running - it will also show the process taking more memory / CPU time. If it is a program / software, uninstall it and check (You can reinstall it later)

    7. Check Task Mgr without connecting to net and again connected to net and see the difference in speed. If you find the net causing to slow down, install Active Ports and monitor for any active back door connections and remove them.

    Still you have the same problem - Only universal solution is to format & re-install OS.

    All the best.

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    Perhaps you should just get AVG internet security 7.5 and junk the firewall spybot etc and just keep ad-aware. The AVG internet security 7.5 has anti spyware, firewall , etc and uses very little system resources. Reason I suggest you keep ad-aware is that with AVG internet security 7.5 you cant just check for spyfiles alone --you have to run the whole scan for everything which is kind of annoying running a 20 minute system scan versus a 2 min spyware scan. I just wouldn't have the ad-aware start up and run all the time but click on it when you want to run it. Add more ram too. Don't expect too much from a 6 year old computer. I got AVG internet security 7.5 for 2 years boxed retail for $30 delivered on Ebay and for $15 a year thats a great deal.

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    Make sure you have the requirements on your pc for the programs you are installing.

    It seem that you lack alot of RAM, CPU, and Space.

    Try NOT to install more than one virus program...sometimes it cause a conflict with other virus program.... and slow your PC down.

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    How much memory do you have installed ?

    Xp alone needs 256mb so if you only have 256 or less then its not enough. I would recommend you have a minimum of 512mb of ram or more

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    xp has it's own firewall don't install a second firewall

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