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what does "pissed off" mean?

when someone says "pissed of",i don't know what is that,so please help me out....

Thank you!!!

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  • Ken
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    Pissed of -- 其實係Pissed off , 即係有嬲, 生氣, 唔耐煩既意思..

    Pissed me off -- 即係被動既, 例如 you pissed me off, 即係你仞我不耐煩, 或者好嬲..

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    you pissed me off, 即係你令我不耐煩, 或者好嬲..

  • 1 decade ago

    "pissed off" means that you're angry or mad

    It can be used as a passive or active verb


    I am pissed off because my marks are low.

    which means I am mad because of my marks.


    Peter pissed me off today at school

    which means Peter made me mad.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    'pissed off' means angry.

    For example, "He pissed me off", it means he makes me very angry or mad.

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