enable task manager?

it can not involve run our command prompt,so basically it needs to be a virus.I really need this please help.


ok i cant access it its disabled but its not a virus,i cant use run and im not stupid so i know how ot ctrl+alt+dlt

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    UPDATE (original message still follows): Given your 'additional details', you say you don't have a virus... how do you know that for sure? You know that most virus scanners cannot (it's virtually impossible, since about 1,000 new viruses are created DAILY... by childish miscreants). Most likely, yes, you still do have a virus. Here, download this:

    Hijackthis (it finds programs in memory, startup programs, registry items, that have been "hijacked" by malicious programs)


    Are you using VISTA??? If you are, then there isn't ANY RUN box/dialogue, not the same as the one you 'clicked' in XP. that "Search" serves the same exact purpose as the RUN command in XP. Just type in what you want to run in there... it will pull up all related programs that are spelled the same way, and/or are .exe and are most likely what you are looking for.

    In any case, if all that doesn't work, you might have to save everything to disk (another hard drive, cd roms, DVD roms, tape backups... etc) and REFORMAT. Hope you still have the original OS disk.

    Check out the list, see if anything "looks" suspicious... that of course assumes you know more advanced things about what should and/or shouldn't be loading on startup... hope you do. Thing is, there may be clues there as to what's causing this.

    Original message:

    Sounds like what happened to you is what typically happens to people when they get a virus that disables their task manager... it's pretty easy to get it back though, and there are a variety of ways to do it. It's happened to me before, and to many people I know as well. What you are about to read will also work with Vista (all versions). Also sounds like you indeed do have a virus of some sort, possibly a trojan, or worm/malware/spyware. You need to scan/delete the virii with a decent virus protector. Also, if you are running XP/Vista you can use msconfig (in the RUN prompt) and run System Restore. Or just type in Restore into the Run prompt. Restore to a date when you remember you could access the Task Manager. If all this fails, you may indeed need to do a full system restore of your operating system. That explanation would require more than the answer to this question. Hopefully you don't have to do that. The following I found on the net at the source below. Follow it closely (GPEDIT.MSC) to get back your Task manager, whether it was disabled by a virus or not...

    There is a registry hack to enable or disable Windows NT TaskManager. The same registry hack applies to Windows 2000 and Windows XP.


    Key: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System

    Name: DisableTaskMgr

    Type: REG_DWORD

    Value: 1=Enablethis key, that is DISABLE TaskManager

    Value: 0=Disablethis key, that is Don't Disable, Enable TaskManager

    As part of the enhanced management available in Windows 2000 and Windows XP, rather than risking a registry change, as an administrator you can enable or disable Windows 2000 Pro or Windows XP Pro's TaskManager using Group Policy Editor. This can be applied to the local policy. Note: if you are trying to override your organizations group policy, you can't. As soon as you re-authenticate to the domain, the domain or OU Group Policy will rewrite the registry setting. But if the TaskManager was accidently disabled or you need to control this item for a set of standalone boxes this is for you:

    Click Start

    Click Run

    Enter gpedit.msc in the open box and click OK

    In the Group Policy settings window

    Select User Configuration

    Select Administrative Templates

    Select System

    Select Ctrl+Alt+Delete options

    Select Remove Task Manager

    Double-click the Remove Task Manager option

    Source(s): The main info was procurred from http://www.windowsnetworking.com/kbase/WindowsTips...
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    Click either alt, ctrl and delete all together and then select task manager in xp and it should come up or click left ctrl, left shift and esc and the task manager itself will come up.

    This should work.

    Task manager is always running.


    What about the left ctrl, left shift and esc? Does that work??

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    ctrl + alt + del

    that should bring up your Task manager


    ctrl + Shift + Escape


    Right and select task manager on the task bar

    that is the way i get it

    If it doesnt work I reboot!

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    right click on your taskbar, and go to Task Manager

    you could also just type (in XP):

    cntrl + alt + delete

    if you're in vista, type cntrl + alt + delete, then click on Task Manager

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    use the wedsite to do the prompt.

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