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how did henry viii policies affect the people?

how did henry viii policies affect the people

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    Henry VII needed money urgently which he was not getting right now as his income was around 110,000 he thought of ways that he could make money. He later decided that he would break away from the Catholic Church and make the Protestant Church. But Henry knew it would be hard as it was very difficult for kings to control the church. The church was very powerful. It could make people scared and tell them they're going to hell.

    As well as getting money by breaking away from the church he also had another reason, he had a quarrel with pope Gregory because Henry wanted a divorce from Catherine of Aragon and at that time they did not believe in divorce so his pledge was refused by pope Gregory.

    Henry viii eventually broke away from the Catholic Church and made Thomas Cromwell write bad reports that were reliable such as saying that they were not pure, they wake up late. To get more support as the people might say that the protestant church is better as they are pure.

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    henry the VIII wanted a divorce from his brothers widow which he married

    the pope would not grant it

    so henry the VIII split from the chatholic church forming the church of england

    evenutually becoming the anglican church when his daughter Elizabeth came into power

    these decisions impacted the people since they were stripped from their pope and had to follow the king as the head of their church

    the king also confiscated the lands of the catholic priests which increased the countries economical standings

    [[the catholic church owned more land in england than the king]]

    so the king got his divorce

    much wealth for the national treasury

    started a new church

    Source(s): im taking a european history class :D i hate my teacher tho
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    Henry VIII's wives changed his policies because with them, he wasn't able to father a male child. The wives led to him leaving the Catholic church in order to be divorced, and his policies changed because he executed his wives. If you google Anne Boleyn or the other wives, you might find more about their fates...it affected Henry VIII's policies.

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