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Colts average score per game is 32-16 (with a 22-30 tenn game) if u people haven't noticed Colts will CONTINU

E their dominance over the PATS

They have OWNED the Pats last few yrs :)

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    This is not even a question...

    What happened in the past has no relevence to the game being played Sunday.

    Are you not aware that the Patriots have ProBowl WR's this year. Have you heard of Randy Moss, Dante Stallworth, Wes Welker????

    Well, we will introduce you to them on Sunday when the Colts lose their first game of the season and learn who their Daddy is...

    Manning will be sucking his thumb in a corner after this game when he see's what a real man plays like......

    Pats 50 Colts 3

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    While the Colts have won three in a row against New England, they lost the previous six meetings (3-6). During that span, the teams combined have won four of the last six Super Bowls, though the Patriots have three to the Colts one... All things considered, it's hard to say the Colt's are dominating...

    Vegas has the Patriots as road favorite, and I tend to agree. The Colts have not faced a single team with a offense approaching what the Patriots have.

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    Listen to me, very intently. the colts have won the last 3 match-ups between these teams.

    Before that? Before you squeeked by an injuried pats team? What then?

    I'll tell you. Before that, the Pats were 8-0 against the colts.

    You know exactly nothing about football.

    Before last year ALL the talk was that, Peyton can't beat the pats, Peyton can't outsmart belichik, Peyton can't win the big one.

    Last time i checked the Patriots were the DYNASTY, not some one hit wonder.

    PS: That Tenn game was 22-20. They almost lost to the TITANS! how horrible is that!!!

    boy, they are right when they call you guys DOLTS!

  • Dan M
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    how long has Indy had a good offense 5 maybe 6 years

    and how many times have you raise the trophy once

    Brady came in off the bence ...for a team that was 0-2

    and finished the season with a trophy excuse me 2 trophys in his hand was voted the MVP of SB36

    granted you have beaten the Pats the last 3 meetings.. fine

    Wake-up... Belichick geared this years Team to destroy Indy

    He came to a conclusion that he could'nt beat Indy with a bunch of No-named recievers

    Fine Problem solved

    Who doesIndy really have to cover Moss, Bob Sanders he'll be safety help .

    But he'll punk out and cover Dante Stallworth

    Just like Quinton Jammer did for the Chargers

    Oh and by the way Brady's 1st win playing full-time was against no other than the Indianapolis Colts

    Outcome ...Pats 44 Indy 13

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    Tom Brady is on a hot streak! The Colts are going down!

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    hrmm...if the colts' avg score is 32, opp 16, then that means the avg margin of victory is 16.

    patriots are 25.2...

    16 >> 25.2

    makes total sense. this is why they play the games. predictions are useless.

  • RKS
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    the last few years are not this year.

    the pats wont lose unless they lose Brady. He is nto the only one on that team that is part of the big winnings but Cassel doesnt have what it takes to use the weapons like brady can.

    Only if Brady gets hurt is anyone going to beat them.

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    You Colt fans seem to have trouble understanding that you don't have the best offense anymore and while the defense has improved its still not as good as the Patriots...

  • Anonymous
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    and they are going to teach the pats a lesson and the rest of the league will be behind them

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    Last I heard the Colts were the super bowl champions and undefeated this year,and in football,to be the man,you have to beat the man,

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