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I want to be a tree for Halloween, is that a good costume? I can spread stuff about global warming...and stuff


Oh, how do I make a tree costume? ^________^''''''''''

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    definately go as a tree...

    walmart sells cheap material for a trunk...

    and you can make a hat// leaves out of construction paper

    and green hand mittens for more limbs....

    that is the best idea i have had in a long time!!!

    be optimistic though and hand out practical ....smalll things people can do to make the world better!

    you go girl!

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    I think the costume is a great idea, because it's creative and a homemade costume ... in the true tradition of Halloween.

    About the issue of global warming ... attach a sign to your tree "trunk" that says "Save Me" and keep your yap shut. People have been writing articles, doing documentaries, and screaming about global warming for 35 years, and Halloween is a time for fun, not redundant political statements.

    For the tree trunk, use sections of dark brown poster board, secured with clear, (wide, strong) packaging tape. Use a black sharpie marker to draw squiggly bark lines. Do the same thing for tree limbs (arms) in sections, so you can bend your elbows. Make green leaves out of green poster board or construction paper, and tape to brown limbs, and across upper part of trunk (your chest and back.) Find (or make) a big hat you can cover with leaves, such as a cowboy hat or one of those they use for Mexican hat dances, with the huge brims. It would be a nice affect to have some leaves hanging down to cover your forehead and sides of your face. The hardest part will be to fashion something out of bendable wire (or some other material) you can wear on (or across) your shoulders, to add bulk to the leaf system. I have no idea what's used to make angel wing costumes, but that's the general idea. Another thought is to see if a tomato cage would fit over your head/shoulders. If so, you could attach masses of leaves to it.

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    If you have two artificial Christmas trees, wrap one either pole on each side of you and place branches in the holes. You will definitely need help. That way you can go as a pine tree of even put on some stable decorations and go as a Christmas tree.

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    For the First question......................

    Ok and for the next question, aren't there tree costumes at a Halloween shop or something? Or get a plastic bag, paint it brown and stick bushes and branches in it and stuff, but it'll be painful.

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    Brown thick cloth, and on your head, green cloth with leaves and branches on the head. Funny nad with a point.

    I am thinking about dreesing as a condom..... Same reasons.

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    I love that idea!

    I guess you could wear all brown clothes and maybe get a green afro?

    And maybe you could stick a squirrel somewhere.

  • Dress in all brown and either dye your hair green or get a wig.

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    Just beware of the dogs.

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    good make sure it isnt a tall tree

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