Why I am an American Patriot?

Essay due tommarrow!! 300- 400 words! What does american patriot mean? Help!

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    There are so many reasons!

    You are an American Patriot if you believe in the values of America and her citizens (ex that all men are created equal.) You are a patriot If you believe in and enjoy the rights of America; you can voice your opinions

    You are an American Patriot if you are loyal to America, if you like being independent and if you appreciate what people like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington did.

    I suggest you do research and that you look up what the word "patriot" means. It really helps - I'm doing this essay too, and I'm almost done! Also, remember to answer truthfully - don't say it if you don't believe it! =D

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    An American Patriot is someone:

    Who believes that he/she is racially superior to every other human on the planet.

    Who believes that God is only on the side of the strong.

    Who believes that America has the right to interfere in the internal affairs of foreign sovereign states.

    Who believes that others do not have the right to worship according to their own faith, but should adhere to American ideas of religion.

    Who believes that it is the right of every mental case to walk around with a lethal; firearm killing at will.

    Who accepts that Capital punishment is still acceptable in the 21st century.

    Who still believes that abortion is an evil.

    Who denys the right of people to work because of the colour of their skin

    Who does not question why their Government spends six times more on armaments than any other country in the world.

    Who does not question why 50% of all Americans have no Health insurance or access to free medical services.

    Who does not ask why their President is always selected from the same group of wealthy aristocrats.

    Who is so brainwashed by the education system that they accept without question that every other nation is their sworn enemy.

    Who still complains that the cost of Gas is too high, whilst driving around in the biggest Gas-guzzler imagineable.

    Who couldn't care less about global warming provided it doesn't interfere with profits.

    Who is incapable of debating a subject objectively.

    Who thinks the world began in 1775.

    Who thinks World War II started at Pearl Harbor

    Who thinks employing Nuclear weapons will solve all problems.

    Who is an arrogant loud mouth who solves every other idea by shouting it down.

    Who thinks success is ovwning a Mansion in LA; A Ranch in Colorado; and a second home in Palm Beach.

    Who is still incensed by 9/11 but forgets that American has been financing and arming Terrorist groups for decades before.

    Who still harbours the dream of colonising Mexico and Canada.

    Who would like to opt out of the United Nations and NATO

    Who approves of a Concentration Camp to hold kidnapped foreigners without trial.

    Is that enough to be going along with?


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    George Washington

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    Whatever you do don't listen to Hobilar. An American patriot loves America.

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