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Dental Insurance?

I'm enrolled in school for January 08 but I turn 20 on dec 7......I'm still on my parents insurance and I have about 9 more teeth to fill...............will I still be on their insurance after I turn 20 or will they company take my off. They both have delta dental.

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    Are you a full time student? Usually, as long as you're a full time student you can stay on your parents' insurance as long as you can prove your full time status. Usually the insurance company sends you a form that you have to take to your school to get filled out. There is an age limit, though... I believe you can only stay on their insurance as a full time student up until you're 25... it differs from state to state and it depends on what insurance company they have (Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, etc.).

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    You should still be covered as a full time student up until the age of 23.... I think.

    Call Delta and find out, they have a customer service department that can answer your question really fast!


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