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There is a book called THE RIVER by EDWARD HOOPER

The general points are:

In Africa Stanley Koprowski circa 1950's made his Vaccine from Chimpanzees which have the only known link to HIV called SIV

He tested his vaccine on millions of Africans willing/unwilling

and in the same places he administered the vaccine, those were the same places that had the first cases of AIDS

There is no paperwork, and he denies he used chimpanzees yet he doesnt recollect what the second MONKEY he used was

There was also a documentary on the evidence discovered and presented,


Watch it, read it...

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  • BJC
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    1 decade ago
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    Dr. Hooper's theories have been scientifically disproven, yet are still used as "proof" by conspiracy theorists.

    Myth: HIV Was Created and Spread By Culturing of Oral Polio Vaccine in Monkey Cells in the 1950s (Edward Hooper's Theory from "The River")

    The oral polio theory of HIV's origins has been debunked. See the wikipedia article on HIV under "Origin and discovery" for details.

    Briefly, genetic studies show HIV originates to about 1931, not to the 1950s; a sample of the original vaccine was recently found and shown not to have HIV; and macaque kidney cells, which can't culture HIV or SIV, were used during vaccine preparation.

    Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiv#Origin_and_discov... HIV/STI Prevention and Outreach Educator x 5 years
  • pavoni
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    4 years ago

    Oral Polio Vaccine Theory

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    No, no-one f*cked a monkey. Sheesh. illnesses that impression animals can mutate, and circulate to human beings. All it is mandatory is a bypass-between. working example the flea, interior the bubonic plague. No Europeans (that i be attentive to of) went around screwing rats. regardless of if, the plague unfold in the time of Europe and killed hundreds of thousands. comparable right here. HIV/AIDS is contained interior the actual fluids. stable possibility is that a misquito or yet another animal mutually with that carried the virus to human beings. The virus can be decreased in length by way of a spoil interior the floor.

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