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Guys? Sarah Jessica Parker - "Skank in the City?"?

Why is Sarah Jessica Parker a "sex symbol?" Is it a gay thing, like Liza Minelli or Cher? I would NOT do her. I'd move to another city. You?

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    I whole heartedly agree. She looks like a foot. It's gotta be a gay thing. No straight man would want that.

  • Sarah Jessica Parker wasn't half the slut that Kim Catrell was on that show. Samantha Jones just couldn't keep her legs together.

    I'd rather see Sarah Jessica Parker on "Young and the Restless" as opposed to the stringy-haired, bobble-headed, chicken-necked, chicken-legged Sharon Case. SC would've been perfect for a show like "Sex and the City" or maybe "Desperate Housewives." At least SJP would bring some sort of class back to that soap opera.

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    As I sit here reading these outragous answers to such an unimportant and degrading question has'nt anyone here thought to themselves....who really cares how is this helping you in your everyday life people are just so horrible anymore look at what society is putting britney spears through now the latest is her and someone from a football team.....again who really cares i hope she does the entire team i'd like to see some real answers to some real questions you all can downgrade these people all you want she's still rich and living large like so many others... Look at ron jeremy the porn toad he is the ugliest fattest most disguisting slob too bare it all on camera i don't see his name being slandered around i could'nt even think of getting it on after seeing that action but thats ok because thiers "ugly women" doing sitcoms.....Come on get real here

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    She has a very manly face. She does have a decent body, though. She's married to Matthew Broderick, so I might suggest a 4-some (along with my hubby, of course). She just would have to wear a bag over her head.


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    She's a sex symbol because we need to be told who to look up to and admire. No wonder most of this country is screwed up, especially the children.

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    well, i wouldn't do her no matter how pretty she is!!

    i really don't think it's a popular opinion to think that SJP is a sex symbol.

    she recently was voted number 1 on a maxim magazine poll as being the world's unsexiest woman! ouch!

    this link is just for laughs!

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    good body, face is a bit "witchy" sometimes, 3rd place of the 4 women on the show, and YES I'd do her anyway!

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    I'm not a Guy..But I agree...I was Watching Failure to Launch and i had to stop like the 1st 20 Minutes cuz I couldn't stand looking at her face. U--G--L--Y

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    She may not be the sexiest actress out there, but I find her very attractive. And yes I would do her

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    She has a certain appeal... I mean she's not drop dead or anything, but with the proper amount of alcohol... I'd hit it.

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