Are 911 call transcripts public record in Florida?

A friend of mine's brother died last week, and she is skeptical of what his wife is telling her happened. She'd like the 911 records, but was rejected when she called the police station. They told her only spouse's could get the record. This seems fishy.

Are 911 call transcripts public record in Florida? (ie. covered by Florida's sunshine laws?) How does one obtain them?

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    That would depend upon the open records law.

    But to get records pursuant to an open records law, you can't just call the police department and ask for them. Almost always, there's a statutory process. You usually have to file a written request to a particular custodian.

    Here's a link to a Florida law that may apply. If you need assistance in interpreting the law or navigating through the legal process, call an attorney licensed in Florida.

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    If the records (tapes) were subpoenaed then he or you (yet in a lot of cases your legal professionals) would get the tapes. reminiscent of the different record if a decide orders by subpoena then the records might want to be produced. An officer who isn't investigating a particular crime does no longer get to hearken to or get a replica of the tapes. If he's thinking a civil case he does no longer have valid get accurate of entry to easily because he's a cop. He has get accurate of entry to because a decide ordered it. in case you talked about as DC 911 he would not even listen a dispatcher sending the police with reference on your call. nationwide park cops aren't to any extent further even on an analogous frequency.

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    Thanks to each and every one of you guys for the replies.

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