What are the oral manifestations in leukemia?

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    Bleeding from gums and ulcers on lips tongue and palate.

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    This is what I came up with, I take chemotherapeutics and this question got me thinking, as I've had oral mainifestations just from the immue suppression (For Systemic Lupus, not leukemia).

    Common oral findings in leukemia include spontaneous gingival hemorrhaging and small petechial hemorrhages or bruising of the oral soft tissue secondary to thrombocytopenia. Leukemic patients are more prone to oral candidiasis, herpetic infections, and neutropenic ulceration. These ulcers are typically deep, punched-out lesions with a gray-white necrotic base. They occur most commonly after chemotherapeutics, related to mucosal trauma or opportunistic infections. Acute leukemias, particularly acute monocytic and myelogenous subtypes, cause infiltration of leukemic cells into oral soft tissue, especially gingival tissue, resulting in swollen, boggy hyperplastic gingivitis

    Source(s): www.accessmedicine.com
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