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Ever since I stopped eating meat?

I have been farting with increasing frequency, and odiferousness. It's getting really bad! For example, earlier today i went outside for a couple hours and then returned to my apartment after being acclimated to the outdoor fresh air. The noxious fumes came within an inch of doing me in. I had to open all my windows even tho it's like 40 degrees outside!

What good does it do to stop killingn animals with my diet, if there is a distinct possiblility i will kill people with my fumes!

Which vegetable is causing this noxious pollution? All of them? How do i narrow it down?

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    How long has it been? Perhaps you are still detoxing. Some people have more trouble digesting raw veggies too and they do better with cooked veggies. You could experiment with that.

    Then again...perhaps you are a troll.

    Oh and in response to earlier comment: while the AHA is not ENDORSING a vegetarian diet, they DO recognize it's benefits: "Many studies have shown that vegetarians seem to have a lower risk of obesity, coronary heart disease (which causes heart attack), high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and some forms of cancer. "

    That's right, the AHA recognizes the benefits.

    Oh and also from the AHA "Protein: You don't need to eat foods from animals to have enough protein in your diet. Plant proteins alone can provide enough of the essential and non-essential amino acids, as long as sources of dietary protein are varied and caloric intake is high enough to meet energy needs. "

    And on that Amino Acid bit "Whole grains, legumes, vegetables, seeds and nuts all contain both essential and non-essential amino acids. You don't need to consciously combine these foods ("complementary proteins") within a given meal. "

    So much for that theory too.

    Link below for anyone who wants to read the rest.

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    I also have major doubts about this question being a serious one, but I'll answer it anyway :)

    Make sure you're eating a balanced diet.

    Go easy on the beans; nuts & seeds are just as rich in proteins.

    Go buy some dried Kombu (a seaweed also called Kelp) and put a chunk of it in the soaking & cooking water of all your beans & lentils, it really helps making them more digestible.

    Get reading on food combining.

    If it still doesn't improve, just buy yourself an oxygen mask and don't leave the house anymore.

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    As long as you are eating a well balanced vegetarian diet and not a bunch of processed foods this will pass.....ha ha this will pass!

    Your body needs to adjust in the mean time get some beano.

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    i think your body is still detoxing and if you are eating more vegetables and fruit and fiber-filled foods..more than before..then all the fiber could be causing this problem, your body is still adjusting to getting more fiber everyday. it's nothing to be concerned or terribly worried about, just wait it should go away in time. in the mean time, carry around some perfume in your car at all times don't wanna be stinky! good luck!! xoxoxxx

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  • Are you drinking enough water to help flush the toxins out of your system?

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    This question reminds me of a certain troll...

    Her name begins with an A...


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    Something tells me you have no experience of the vegetarian diet.

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    have you been getting protein from other non-meat sources, such as tofu? if you haven't then the farts indicate that you are constipated

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    it's not what you are NOT eating, it's what you ARE eating..

    Dunno.,. but figure it out!

    Also your digestive stystem takes time to ajust to any new diet, even a better one.

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    You've also stopped getting vital amino acids you can only get from meats or a few exotic and expensive veggies.

    There is absolutely no medical proof that veganism is healthy or healthier.

    If it were the American Heart Association would be pushing it, they are not. They are pushing avoid red meat in vast quantities, it definately will give you cornoary disease, there is no doubt about that unless you drink a fair amount of red wine everyday in addition to it, then you have liver problems.

    Remember, you were born to die. Can't avoid it.

    Those nasty PCBs are all over the water table.

    Those nasty car fumes are in your bedroom.

    Toxins are everywhere.

    Can't avoid the bad stuff, even if you go to Alaska.

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