History : Second World War[10分]

我想要Japaness, Chinese and French 對 Second World War o既 point of view

e.g. Japanese : we think we are helping Chinses, .....

[plz use point form and ENGLISH]

P.S. 最重要有Japanese and Chinses o既 point of view

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    Japanese View:

    Japanese are one of the superior races in the world, so they should have the right to govern the world.

    Land of Japan is too small and there is no raw material. However, those inferior races (e.g. Chinese or other Southeast Asian) occupied the richest land in Asia. It's totally unacceptable.

    Foreign power "governed" Asian land for more than two centuries, it's enough already. We, Japanese, also have to ability to be the Lord of Asia, so we should kick all foreign away and set up an union leading by Japan. It's the only way leading to the prosperity of Asia.

    The technology of Japan is high enough to bring up other inferoir states in Asia.

    Chinese view: (very simple, there is only one point):

    The war against Japanese is to protect the right of survive of China.

    French view (before the outbreak of war):

    France has the responsibility to guarantee the neutrality and safety of some European countries, e.g. Poland.

    If France can divert the attention of Germany to invade the Soviet Union, it will be perfect for both France and UK.

    Germany will not have enough ability to break the Margiott Line, that means France will only need to fight German in the border

    Free French view (after General de Gaulle set up his government in London):

    The only point that France continued to fight with German is to liberate the homeland (occupied France) and eliminate the Nazi and Facists in Europe

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