My group's private postings have been being posted publicly on someone's blog. What can we do?

By chance, another moderator on this disease/health support group was googling something and found this anonymous blogger's site. There are our private members-only messages from up to 2 years ago posted publicly for all to see! As this is a support group for a medical condition, some of the info is quite personal.

We are a group of over 1400 members, and many are feeling that their trust and privacy has been violated.

Is there a way to find out who this blogger is, and to shut him down???? We are not the only yahoogroup that he has stolen from - we discovered many groups from boating to porn to health/diseases. It is quite sickening and upsetting to see this, as we strive to give everyone a safe and protected environment to discuss things.

We have his "blog name" if you want to call it that, and that is it. Googling it has returned no more info. Reporting the abuse to yahoo gets us a generic response.



Thanks Steve! I'll look into your first suggestion. The second suggestion is definitely harder - we have over 1400 members in our group, and there are at least 10 or more other groups that he has done this too, maybe even 40-50 groups. So cross-referencing every member would be a loooooooong task!

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    If this person has his own domain name, you can go to, find the WHOIS search, and enter the domain name. You may be able to find out who owns the domain name, unless he paid extra for "private registration."

    A harder approach: Join all the groups that have been affected and look through the memberships to see if there's one username that's joined them all. But he might have used different usernames for all of them.

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    you need to go to the blogs site manager and file a complaint, everyone needs to do that who have a post from a yahoo group on that blog site-

    finding the person within the group will probably be imposible

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