Lola Luftnagle costume?

i would like to be Lola Luftnagle for Halloween aand need a costume. (Lola Luftnagle- Lily Truscot from Hannah Montanah) i need some linx from strores where i can find a costume to put togetha or linx of picx of herr..thankyouu!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    that is for the purple wig she wears

    I'm not sure which 'lola' you are talking about. But here's some ideas:


    Wear a wig. It should be a chin bob with bangs, in light purple, blue or red.


    If you have a red wig (see above) then wear a mini dress: red with white polka dots, black pants/black leggings, black long sleeved shirt, black, white or red jewerly and black flats.

    If you have a blue wig, dress in retro clothes in colors like purple blue and indigo, and wear sneakers.

    If you have a light purple wig, wear a lavender cardigan, a light blue minidress with white flowers, any shoes, skinny jeans, a matching headband and a long white beaded necklace (or pearls) looped and the neck.

    You dont have to follow my ideas exactly. Be creative!

    Hope I helped, and happy halloween!

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