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I am thinking about transfering schools. I am appying to schools in Chicago,IL and Huntsville, AL?

I am a 23 year old student at my local community college. I am trying to either transfer to the University of Illinois-Chicago, Chicago State University, University of Alabama-Huntville, or Alabama A&M. I've done some research on both areas and have found they the both have great upsides. I'm majoring in Business administration and understand that all of these schools have great business porgrams. Obviously, Chicago is booming in business, but Huntsville, Alabama is another upstart city with a great economy. The cost of living is incredibly cheap in Huntsville. The only issue is that it's incredibly far from Michigan, where I'm from, and I'm not completely sold on the presitige of either schools I'm applying to down there. What route is the most logical and why?

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    Picking schools is definitely an important task in your life, and while I'm not expert, I've done it a few times, so maybe I can help. As far as schools go, my background is in engineering and biotech, but my business major friends have all told me that prestige is everything in business. All schools teach the same material, but not all schools give access to the same connections to people in industry. Professors at more elite programs will hook you up with good jobs, and representatives from places like DE Shaw, PriceWaterhouseCooper, KPMG, etc. like to go to places like Harvard, Princeton, UC Berkeley, etc. Thus, I'd recommend going with your gut feeling regarding prestige. The University of Chicago is about as good as it gets. Have you considered applying there? It's a very expensive private school, and it is extremely difficult to get in, but if you do get in, you're golden.The background city, e.g. Chicago or Huntsville, isn't particularly important, I think, unless you want to intern in the area. In college, lots of my friends left the area during the summers to do internships at NYC, LA, etc.

    Environment-wise, I can definitely relate. For my doctorate, I had a choice between Southern California and New York City. I decided that I preferred relaxed, sunny, mildly sleepy atmosphere of SoCal over the booming hustle and bustle of NYC. My friends (all party animals in their early twenties) thought I was crazy for turning down the Big Apple, but in hindsight, I definitely made the right choice. I'm not sure what area of Michigan you're from, but Huntsville is definitely quite different. I've never been there myself, but I have some friends from Alabama, including one who still lives there and has started his career there, and almost all of them prefer "anywhere but Alabama," so that says something to me. Unless you're familiar with the area, have family there, etc. I don't know if it's such a good idea.

    Source(s): Don't make decisions based just on my words! I have a bit of experience in the area, but I'm no expert counselor! Just wanted to help a bit though.
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