I dreamt, and I'm choking and I can't breathe when I woke. Is there something wrong?

It goes like this:

I was dreaming that I went out to a fast food chain near the beach. I ate some fries and a burger, and then, a tsunami came, sweeping the entire city, including me. My body was floating in the waters. I feel the water entering my lungs. I can't breathe.

And then, I woke up and I'm choking and I feel my chest in pain. Then I feel my throat wet, as if I did drown from somewhere.

Is there something wrong with me? Did something bad happened to me, like an O.B.E. or something?


It only happened once, and I'm not practicing the other symptoms of sleep apnea. Also, all I did before I slept was studying geometry for my tests.

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    1 decade ago
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    Hi Sir Cairo,

    Let's see what you've got......

    I was dreaming that I went out to a fast food chain

    ((Dream opens by commenting on nourishment... something that went down fast......))

    near the beach.

    ((In a place where you would naturally relax at leisure.....))

    I ate some fries and a burger, and then,

    ((nourishment.... something that ruins the insides, but tastes commonly good....))

    a tsunami came,

    ((An emotion.... Tsunamis represent waves of emotional turmoil.... or something that causes mass destruction.....*****Notice, this occurs after you've eaten...))

    sweeping the entire city,

    ((I want you to recognize something here..... this symbolic "city"....... What does it mean?........

    A city is the major metropolitan center of a region... Oftentimes, "downtown"......

    and if you think in terms of "downtown" or the "city", it would be a portion-region - or rather, location of the stomach area.

    Yet....it is the way you see things.... Here, the dream says that this turmoil, this destructive nature has gone through and effected this entire region of self......))

    including me.

    ((You are beginning to feel the effects....))

    My body was floating in the waters.

    ((At least you are above the symbolic "water"..... and water is emotion . to float in this sense, is to overcome some issue... otherwise, you would have drown...... do you understand this?....***may also indicate the need to throw it all up....))

    I feel the water entering my lungs. I can't breathe.

    ((this is pressure..... if you can't breathe, you can't relax through the pain......))

    I have never really given much creedance to the fact that food effects dreams...... But, I admit this is the second dream I've ever done where food does have baring on dreams..... Still, the dream will say it.......

    The last dream I did on the matter was for the child of a friend... this 7 year old dreamt that a demon was trying to enter his chest...... after 3 hours of trying to discern the matter.... I uncovered that the chest is the area of the body, in a child, where they would lay their small hand.... and looking at it on those terms, I found he did indeed have a stomach ache brought on by the food represented in the dream as the demon.........

    It is something you ate.... the dream says so.......

    Your sister,


    ((dream interpreter for over 20 years))

    Source(s): To understand more on dreams: http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-CQaJFnA2dqUZRlJ79Rw... Understanding Dreams of Storms: http://blog.360.yahoo.com/blog-CQaJFnA2dqUZRlJ79Rw...
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    You may suffer from sleep apnea. A choking sensation is associated with not being able to breathe properly when sleeping....allergies, sinus infections and or colds sometimes cause sleep apnea...the chest pain could be from the muscles spasms from the coughing or it could be something more serious. I would speak to your doctor about it....he may try antihistamines (if you can take them) like Benadryl to reduce inflammation in the throat....sometimes that is all it takes....changing ones sleeping position sometimes helps, a different pillow-one that is designed for sleep apnea sufferers...sometimes helps.

    Dreams happen in a flash and what seems to be a long time to the dreamer is actually a few seconds....I have had many dreams of pain to a limb or losing a limb in an accident and I will awaken to find that I have been sleeping weird on my arm and it well be numb or asleep and tingling...

    Go see your doctor about maybe the possibility of a fix for the sleep apnea.....maybe it is time for a full physical check up....

    OBE's can be obtained thru meditation and training....and do not cause the body pain and suffering.....but can in fact be used to heal some physical and mental ailments....call your doctor....and make that appointment to see him or her.

    Source(s): Personal Experience....
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    You probably were snoring and running out of air and started dreaming that you were choking and that woke you up. that would explain the wetness of your throat, probably saliva.

    Sleep Apnea is the name for it; when you stop breathing during your sleep.


    I would not worry about it.


    I would suggest you see a doctor to investigate further. Sleep Apnea might lead to heart problems in the long run.

    I am not a health practitioner but I used to work with them and book surgery in ENT in a Children's hospital and if the Sleep Lab results were alarming we called the parents to do surgery (removal of adenoids and tonsils) as soon as possible.

    I am not saying you need surgery; just what we used to do for kids. Adults might have other options.

    Source(s): Worked in ENT Dept. in Hospital
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    1 decade ago

    If you really felt as if you were choking, you might have sleep apnoea. It's quite common, but if it happens again, see your doctor.

    We often have dreams that tie in with physical sensations. So you shouldn't always disregard symptoms after a traumatic dream. Sometimes it's nerves, of course, sometimes not.

    Just wait and see, and then you will know for sure.

    All the best!

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  • 1 decade ago

    The gal who answered first could be right, but my aunt was doing the same thing and come to find out she had sleep apnea. If it happens again go see a doc

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    as a kid i use to have dreams about frantically looking for a bathroom. when i finally found one in the dream i would be all relieved, and sit on the toilet and pee. then i'd wake up. i'd have peed on the bed.

    maybe your dream is like mine, but with choking? maybe you were choking during your sleep and it got incorporated into your dream? either way, choking at night is not healthy, and i might talk to a doctor about it.

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    bet you have gerd! acid reflux can cause dreams like this when it's happening.

    time to sleep with your head up 30 degrees and change that diet!

    (also talk to a doctor... see if you have digestional problems)


    (no kidding i had this issue for the longest time thinking it was mental but it was my body trying to tell me i had a problem)

    also listen to the sleep apnea girls too! pay attention to that body of yours.

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    Oh, my goodness!!!!!!! It's good you finally woke up! Or else, you would be dead of such a nightmare. Don;t ever eat a lot at night. Simply eat only a little of fruits and vegetables to keep you cool.

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    i remember my psychology teacher talk about this case...has something to do with something in your brain that affects the lungs causing you to feel as though your being choked...try looking it up for a more accurate answer but it has nothing to do with ghost!!!

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    You may have sleep apnea. My husband does. He wakes up just like that sometimes.

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