What is a humped pelican crossing?

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    A Humped Pelican Crossing is a Pelican crossing which has speed humps either side of it to slow down vehicles on the road before they get to the crossing....

    See here for more info...


  • Paul
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    1 decade ago

    A Humped Pelican Crossing is a Pelican Crossing (A Way for people to get accross the road that has traffic lights) that is situated on speed ramp.

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    humped pelican crossing

    A variation of the Pelican crossing, a British road system feature for mediating pedestrian and vehicle interaction. The pelican crossing has one or more speed humps in the upstream direction of traffic flow, to force/encourage the drivers to slow down. There are usually road signs alerting drivers that they are approaching such a feature, and there may be signs notifying waiting pedestrians of the same. Presumably the signs for pedestrians are to let them know that vehicles may appear to be coming too quickly for comfort, but will most likely slow down on encountering the humps.

    Also offers the advantage for the pedestrian (especially with pushchairs, wheelchairs etc.) of not needing to step up and down a kerb (or curb).

  • Clovie
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    1 decade ago

    here ya go, read this...and if you want to learn about England' other pedestrian crossings, you can scroll to the bottom of the linked page. It will show...

    Panda crossing

    Pegasus crossing

    Puffin crossing

    Tiger crossing

    Toucan crossing

    Zebra crossing


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