How much to pay Gardener?

Usually my gardener comes once a week to mow the lawn and trim the bushes. I pay at the end of the month.

Well in October, they haven't come by to do any gardening for two weeks. The third week, they came by to put winter (rye) grass... and since that's done, the fourth week has no gardening to be done, because the seeds haven't grown yet. I just received a bill: $120 for "October gardening service" and $250 for "winter rye grass" totalling to $370.

My husband and I do not think we should pay for the $120 because they never showed up. What do you think?

PS: I don't have the gardener's number, so I'll have to wait and talk to him in person whenever he does show up. There's no number on the invoice, just a mailing address.

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    We operate in Arizona, and we too offer weekly maintenance. Our minimum monthly price is $125.00.

    I can tell you that maintenance is an ongoing thing. sometimes there is not much to do, and other times there seems to be too much work to be done. The first two weeks in October you should have seen everything cut back a little extra because it is standardized practice not to trim or blow while rye germination is occurring.

    I don't know how much land you have, but $250.00 sounds a little steep. We offered rye to all our customers at no charge this season to retain most our customers. It cost us about $12.50 per property. That is seed and fertilizer. We did not cover our seed, but it has already all came in fine. For $250.00, I would hope that they at least covered the seed!

    Basically, you should have known beforehand what the rye was going to cost you. If you did not, then they were being presumptuous and you should not pay. ALL SERVICES that cost extra HAVE to be pre-approved!

    They are going to tell you that the maintenance in the first two weeks of october was done. You will probably hear that nothing needed trimming and that they blew off the property and raked the rocks. These times do happen for maintenance properties and the work is done really fast when nothing needs trimmed. So honestly, did the yard looked blown off and raked the first two weeks? was everything trimmed up? If your answer is no, then they are slacking off and you should ask for two weeks prorated on your bill, marking it down to $60.00. There have been times a few of our customers thought we did not show up because everything was still cut nice from the previous week. On these accounts, we did prorate the visit for them. You should not have trouble with a reputable company to get the proration.

    In arizona, $120.00 is average for comprehensive weekly maintenance.

    oh yeah, last year our rye cost was $50.00 per property. honestly, $30.00 of that was profit at that price, so for the $250.00 at the worst cost scenario...

    $75.00 high cost perennial - 50lb

    $15.00 high cost starter fertilizer -50lb

    their parts was $90.00 and should have had about 20lb of both seed and fertilizer left over.

    Leaving a labor charge of $160.00 dollars


    if they are set up like we are:

    $25.00 perennial - 50lb

    $12.00 starter fertilizer - 50lb

    1 bag feeds from 2 - 5 properties per!

    their parts would have been $37.00

    leaving a labor charge of $213.00

    When you talk to them, be calm please!! It really makes us nervous when a customer crosses their arms and fingers us to come to them, looking all upset!! lol

    good luck to ya!

    Source(s): Owner - Yard Maintenance Solutions
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  • Mayra
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    How is he, generally? Is he a GREAT gardener? Then maybe you don't want to make waves. Pay the guy -- it's a small price to pay for good help. If he's a regular gardener, then discuss it with him. Ask him if he can come in a different day, or ask him how he wants you to handle the bill for that vacation day. If he's a terrible gardener, here's your chance to get rid of him. Start interviewing new guys. I think in general, it's best to discuss it calmly with him. Ask him (calmly) what will happen if a family event or other holiday falls on your day. If this is a one-off event, I'd let it slide, but if he's taking a holiday every month, you really need to decide if he's worth the money.

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  • 3 years ago

    How Much Do Gardeners Charge

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  • 5 years ago

    Based on the size of the yards ,front/back, how much trimming to do, how long to mow yards per visit, based on trees, shrubs, or plants, to keep everything looking natural and tidy as most clients like their yard to look. How much time is required per visit to keep it looking that way, plus, how many people actually work on your yard each service.

    As a landscaping contractor for over 16 years now, my basic yard is $40 per visit, which covers mowing, edging, weeding, trimming, blowing, and anything else that comes up when necessary. Working by myself, I give each client between 1hour-15mins,to 1hour & 30 mins per service. I only charge clients actual cost of materials, if needed, that they would pay for them. This way of figuring out cost per client has worked well for me over all those years. So basically about $25 per hour, give and take a little.

    There are so many landscapers out there that overcharge for services rendered, it's unreal. But, there are a lot that are fair with their prices, based on what work they do. Always get 3-4 estimates, and go with your gut feelings on hiring a landscaper. This way of running my business has allowed me much flexibility over the years, paid the bills, and has helped me pay for my kids educations, college, etc.

    Source(s): Owner..Allens Landscape..Chandler,Az
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    Very interested to hear the answers to this as well

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  • 5 years ago

    If he is a relative your screwed.

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