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Quick spanish translation help!?

Really quick here... How do you say..

he died (last year) - I remember my teacher saying this was different for some reason, the verb i mean!

also how do you say great grandparents...

Thanks :)

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    k here it is

    die (verb) "morir"

    he died (past tense) " el murió"

    Grandparents "abuelos"

    Great grandparents "bisabuelos"

    great great grandparents "tatarabuelos"

    Hey! you dont say "gran abuelos" that's sayin big grandparents.... lol... sorry but spanish doesn't work like that

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi, I'm Brandon and I live in Spain, my mother language is Spanish, I see that you're studying Spanish and I think that it's great. Well, I can help you with your question:

    You've written "He died" which in Spanish means "él murió"; you have written the same phrase with the word "last year", then the phrase changes the sense, now it means "él murió el año pasado" (he died the last year). You have to take into account some things such as:

    Your phrase is in "simpe past".

    You have to write with the "tílde", that is the line on the letter; the difference between "él" and "el" is that "él" means "he" (pronoun) and "el" means "the" (which determinate the noun).

    Well, I hope it had been useful for you. Greetings and excuseme because like you I'm learning English.

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  • Ñusta
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    1 decade ago

    He died last year is `El muri`o el a~o pasado.

    Die= Morir(verb)

    He died = El murio.

    Great grandparents is Bisabuelos( Bis means twice is like saying two times grandparents)

    Bisabuela (Great grandmother)

    Bisabuelo (Great grandfather)

    Bisabuelos (both)

    Good luck!

    Buena suerte! (means good luck)

    Source(s): Spanish is my first language.
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  • claude
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    1 decade ago

    Morir changes to a 'u' - 'se murió el año pasado'. (Using it reflexively is a more common use).

    Great grandparents is 'bisabuelos'.

    Great great grandparents - 'tatarabuelos'.

    And then for each subsequent 'great' just add another 'tatara' to the beginning.

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  • PR
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    1 decade ago

    To say "He died last year" is: Él murió el año pasado.

    The verb 'morir' is to die. He died=murió

    Great-grandparents= bisabuelos.

    (I am in my third year college level spanish).

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  • 1 decade ago

    He died last year.

    El murio el año pasado. or El fallecio el año pasado.

    Great grandparents - Bisabuelos

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  • 1 decade ago

    (él) murió el año pasado.


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  • 1 decade ago

    to die is morir. im pretty sure to say he died is él murió. im not completely sure. and great grandparents is grande abuelos. again not totaly sure. but like 85% sure.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    to die is murio with an accent over the o

    great grandparents is gran abuelos

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