How do you earn bp (battle points) at the battle tower on pokemon diamond?

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There are different modes:

Mixed, where you and a chosen partner battle alongside on another- you each get two pokemon

Singles- 1 on 1 (you get 3 pokemon)

Doubles - 2 on 2 (you get 4 pokemon)

As for points, you need to beat seven trainers in a row to get the points and every 3 successful sets you complete in singles you fight a boss, who will give 21 points.

At the beginning you get 3 points per set, no matter what mode you are in, later it increases to 4, then 5

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  • what the eff answered 7 years ago
    you win @ battle tower which is accessible after u beat elite 4
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  • the apprentice answered 7 years ago
    u just beat d 5 trainers(i think there is 5)and u will win the bp(battle points).
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  • Stephen A answered 7 years ago
    i think u Battle then u win i got bp by beating a man
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