Why doesnt the media inform us of the Bilderberg group?

This group consists of 120 of the worlds richest people. They are secretly planning the fate of the population worldwide. It also comes as a surprise to know that every person in the past that attends these secret meeting that are running for president ends up winning the next election. Guess who attended last years meeting. Hillary Clinton. Be warned and better yet look into what this elite group's agenda really is. 80% world population reduction.

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    The media informs us of very little. Also if you stop to think about it, most people who only watch main stream news on TV and know very little about the Internet for news believe that they are actually reporting what we need to know.

    There are many people who do not like Bush or the administration but are unwilling to accept that they might be involved in something that would kill millions in their own country.

    Most people do not want to know or accept anything like that. So what they are doing is working.

    Speaking of wealth and how it can control, I bet most people have no idea who Alan Quasha is, or how he is involved with presidential candidates who are running and have won in the past.

    Google search Alan Quasha and see what you come up with.

    It's all over the Internet but no news reports anything about him.

    They also don't report about the halliburton no bid contracts on the camps they are building. Why would we need concentration camps in the USA?

    Its amazing what the news don't report.

  • I'll look up the group, but radical world pop decline will happen no matter what they plan......the pop only grew this big because of cheap oil, and the decline of that and the climate changes brought about by the use of oil, natural gas and coal will cause the drastic reduction.....at least down to 1-2B over the next few decades.

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    This appears to be one of the steps to "One World" with the United States losing it's sovereignty and our Constitution becoming meaningless. A frightening idea to me.

  • John M
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    because the media moguls attend their conferences and it is ran by the Rothschilds who have ran all the major newsagencies for over a century.

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    Hilliary is not one of the 120 riches people in the world so why would she be invited to attend. I would need proof for this.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Their paid not to tell us. Didn't you watch the movie?

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