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Couple questions about SPANISH!? help?

So i have so questions that i was wondering about

Is Bailar just a verb, if so whats the noun?

And Can you say. Yo estoy frio?



the sentence would be

Yo voy al el ___

Update 2:

I meant yo voy al ___

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    Bailar is just a verb..... the noun for it would be BAILE..... "would you grant me this dance?" -- me podria conceder este baile??

    Yo estoy frio........... isn't totally incorrect, although I don't know what exactly you're trying to say. When you use the verb "estar" it rather refers to a particular condition in a particular moment, so if I say "yo estoy frio" it rather means that your body is cold...... as in your arms, legs, face, etc. If you touch them and feel they're cold, you'd probably want to specify that your body is cold in that moment. If you want to say that you're cold in general (because that's what the weather is like) then you'd say YO TENGO FRIO.......

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  • Javy
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    "bailar" is a verb, is the action of dancing and in Spanish conjugates like this:

    Yo Bailo-I dance

    Tu bailas-You dance

    El/Ella baila-He/She dances

    Nosotros bailamos-We dance

    Ustedes bailan-You (plural) dance

    Ellos(male)/Ellas(female) bailan-They dance

    Vosotros bailais-Used in Spain and in few countries of Latin America.

    "Yo estoy frio" isn't right, it should be "Tengo frio"-I'm cold.

    If something caused a big impression on you you can say "Me quede frio." which means that something left you cold, or frozen.

    "Yo voy al baile"-I'm going to the dance. If it is a future statement is "Yo voy a ir al baile" or "Yo iré al baile."-I'll go to the dance.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Bailar is a verb. You would want to say "yo voy al baile".

    Estoy frío means "I am cold" in the sense that "if you touch my body it will feel cold".

    Tengo frío means "I am feeling cold"

    Verbs are sometimes used with articles to mean "the act of" as in "El cantar de los pájaros me enloqueció" "The birds' singing drove me crazy". Cantar is still a verb here.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah, Bailar is the verb

    Yo tengo frio, not estoy

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  • Jassy
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    Bailar its only a verb, to dance

    El baile= The dancing

    I m cold= TENGO frío , (we say I have cold, literally) we dont use the verb to be.

    Yo voy AL baile= Im going to the dancing

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  • 1 decade ago

    the noun is baile "you voy al baile" .

    "yo estoy frio?" i am cold

    "you tengo frio" i feel cold.

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes you can say - yo estoy frio ( im cold)

    it depends on the sentence to figure out what the noun is

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