i noticed there are a few people that say photoshop wasnt made for designing webpages.?

can you explain to me what you use to design a nice interface without photoshop. i want to see what you say.

(when i say interface i dont mean code-wise i mean imagewise, then chopping it up and using css/html to display the page.)

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    you shouldn't be "chopping it up" it fills the world with a bunch of junk tables and script. You can pretty much position things wherever you want on the page by making a background or base for the site, then floating the other items on top of it, using ONE graphic and text that is actually text on top of it. Hand coding is by far the fastest most efficient way to do it. Photoshop is for making graphics that go into websites, not making websites in general. That said sometimes a chopped up photo as an element IN a website is nice. Slices also don't give you much in the way of accessability for blind/vision impaired so if you're designing for a company that sees any potential market with the disabled or doesn't want to get sued by the ADA, it's best to handcode, or fix photoshops slicing code to be friendly, and if you're going to be digging through the code, you'll probably find yourself happier digging through code you wrote rather than code photoshop wrote.

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    What I suspect these people are referring to is something like Frontpage, or perhaps even Dreamweaver. With tables, one can create columns, or align the text certain ways. One can create CSS, to create a uniform set of colors, fonts, and sizes for headlines in text, paragraphs, and bullet items (used in lists). They also use this to create forms (for polls or to submit info). All of these affect how the page will look, and I'm not sure how much of that can be done in Photoshop. I usually use Photoshop for the design of the images, and then use Dreamweaver to insert the images where I want them, as banners, general images, and the background images.

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    I dunno if there's a question here...but for designing comps of HTML pages, Photoshop is the undisputed, cross-OS leader.

    You could potentially created a layered PNG using Fireworks that would accomplish the same goal...but I've never actually seen this done for a client-facing project.

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