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when did the conflict start with Ethiopia and Eritrea and when did it finish?

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    I believe it started in the 60's (it took 30 years to gain independence) when the Eritreans fought for independence. They finally achieved that in 1991. Then between 1998-2000 a border war was faught....

    Even now, Ethiopia and Eritrea are not at peace. Its all over the internet that another war might start (AGAIN). So, I woouldn't say that it's finished yet. My family immigrated from Ethiopia and it's sad to see what's happening between us. If another war starts, it's just going to make matters worse. These two countries have so much potential but they're not using it. We have so much in common (cuturally) and I don't understand why we hate eachother sooo much; we're basically the same people (besides the different ethnic groups). I just hope and pray that one day we will be at peace and Ethiopia and Eritrea will be BEEEEESSSSSTTT FRIIIIIEEEENDDDS!!!

    If you want more information just Yahoo! or Google "Ethiopian-Eritrean War", you can look up the history of both countries and I would highly suggest that you read some of the current news going on in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    I hope this helped!!

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    Have a look here it might help answer your question.

    The issue is not resolved I believe an uneasy truce exists at the moment.

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