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I love reading romance books placed in the time of the Civil War and Regency England and the Old West. My favorite author is Julie Garwood (pre-murder mysteries). Who is yours?


I LOVED the Heather graham Civil war trilogy!!! I think I'll order them again from Amazon because I don't think I kept them.

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    Heather Graham is very good. She wrote a trilogy of romance novels following the civil war. "One Wore Blue" was about Keirnan, a confederate woman who fell in love with a union officer Jesse Cameron.

    "And One Wore Gray" was about Jesse's confederate brother Daniel, who fell in love with Callie, a woman who's loyalties lied with the Union.

    "And One Rode West" was about Callie's brother Jeremy who falls in love with the Cameron sister Christa, who was also loyal to the confederacy.

    It's kinda hard to describe, but they are good books.

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    Donna Jo Napoli. I think she combines romance, historical fiction, and fantasy together, actually. Except in Daughter of Venice, that was just historical romance. But I love all three of those genres. My favorite time period is medieval times or like during the renaissance in Italy.

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    Lori wick, and Tracie Peterson are some. I have many others also, but no names come to mind at the moment.

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