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what is pp

what is pp

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    Present participle phrase :

    we use present participle phrase to show :

    1. the reason why something happened .

    Example : Having lots of unusual attractions , the theme park is very popular .

    ( = Since the theme park has lots of unusual attractions , it is popular . )

    2. that twoactions happen at the same time or one right after another .

    Example : Seeing his mother , the little boy ran towards her .

    ( = When the little boy saw his mother , he ran towards her . )

    Past participle phrases :

    we use past participle to introduce the reason why something happened .

    As with a present participle phrase , a past participle phrase can be used with both the simple present and simple past tense .

    P.S. we use a present participle phrase for an active verb and a past participle for a passive verb .

    Example : Amazed by the colourful tropical fish , the children shouted with joy .

    ( = Since the children were amazed by the colourful trpoical fish , they shouted with joy . )

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    • abbreviation

    1 (pp.) pages.

    2 (also p.p.) per procurationem (used when signing a letter on someone else’s behalf). from Latin, ‘through the agency of’.

    3 Music pianissimo.

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    past participle

    e.g gone, eaten

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    pp=present perfect

    Present Perfect


    [has/have + past participle]


    You have seen that movie many times.

    Have you seen that movie many times?

    You have not seen that movie many times.

    Complete List of Present Perfect Forms

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    pp = Past Participle

    for example:

    go going went gone

    gone就係past participle

    通常perfect tense先用pp

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