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gentleman jack & single barrel?

are they worth it, please explain, i'm poor

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    i would say no. the best whiskey you can get for your money is Evan Williams. it is about $10 dollars a fifth, and it is great. Gentleman Jack is good, but it isn't worth the $27 you spend on it. I do like the new look though.

    I have introduce Evan Williams to many Jack Daniels fans, and they all agree it is pretty good. They will never fully commit to giving up Jack Daniels, but they usually buy both bottles now. That way they can have a few Jack and cokes for old times, and drink mostly Evan Williams cause it is reasonably priced. Most cheap whiskey sucks, but EW is great.

    Also if you are thinking of buying Gentleman Jack you should also consider Maker's Mark or Crown Royal. Each are good quality whiskey.

    If you want to go even higher end, I suggest checking out Booker's or George Dickel.

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    Single barrel aged longest for richer smoother taste good sippin whiskey.

    Gentleman jack like they say good, and a good friendly drink and mixer too boot...

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