First Post-MBA job...traditional search or structured program?

I have 5+ years of progressive experience in the title insurance/mortgage industry making a sub-par salary (I worked from the bottom up - a lot more responsibiliy with less than stellar raises). I am pursuing an MBA to help me with a career change and increased earning potential. I only have a couple quarters left and am not sure if I would be better off applying for individual positions or if I should apply to company programs meant specifically for recent MBA grads. I am currently working full-time for the university that I am soon to graduate from, making less money than I made straight out of undergrad. I want to make sure that my first job decision out of my MBA program sets me on a strong path.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If there are not companies barking down your door at job fairs or through your business school's career office, you should start applying to the MBA leadership programs. I wouldn't sign anything but by getting the process for those started, you'll be better able to gauge opportunities and salary against each other as you get closer to graduation and individual job opporunities pop up.

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