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What is the difference between 'BURGER' and 'SANDWICH'?

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    A burger is cooked hamburger patty, even if it is served on a plate.

    A sandwich is something served between two pieces of bread (buns are a form of bread) or served atop one pieces of bread (open-faced sandwich).

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    Is A Burger A Sandwich

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    In the US it seems anything served between two bits of bread is called a sandwich. In the Uk, where the term came from, a sandwich is two Flat slices of bread with something between them. What the US call a "bun" is called a bap or a roll, except in some parts of the UK where they are called specific names. Buns are sweet, sticky things with currants.

    An English person would ask for a cheese/ham/beef etc. roll.

    English prefer crusty rolls to the soft American buns or baps, except with burgers!

    What the US call a "Sub" (submarine?) sandwich is termed a sausage/burger/cheese etc. baguette or "xxxx in French bread" here

    A burger here is only called a burger, even if served without bread. Until fairly recently all burgers in the UK were called hambugers even if made of beef.

    When I was a kid I had never seen one except for the ones Wimpy ate in the Popeye cartoons. They started to be popular in the Uk in the late 60s and McDonalds arrived in the early 70s.

    The first burger bars here were (and some still are) called Wimpy Bars.

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    To me a burger is a hamburger and it is typically on a bun. A sandwich is anything you build between 2 slices of bread. Both can be good, and both are typically made better by including bacon. And lets not forget about a Philly Cheese-steak - now that is good eating.

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    a burger is the meat between the buns. A sandwich has anything between 2 slices of bread.

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    i know, hm hmmmmmmmm. one's called a burger and one's called a sandwich.

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    Burger - meat patty.

    Sandwich - any meat or cheese

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    a burgar is in a big bread roll and a sandwich is in bread.


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