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Sovereign Bancorp Inc. (SOV) buy, hold or sell?

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    listen forget these people that will tell you about subprime when they dont know its extremities. Im a buyer of finacials, SOV is a hold, DONT SELL, wait until around Nov. 1 and take some of the table but as to how much is up to you. I would probably taken 70 percent off and hold some with hope. HOLD SOV, hey buy some more if you want

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    Rather than give you my opinion, I'll give you the opinion of those who get paid for their opinion:

    as of 10.27.2007

    Market Edge Second Opinion

    "Neutral" - upgraded from Avoid

    Reuters Research Average rating of 13 brokerages



    [***] - (three stars is a hold)


    "Market Perform" (aka - hold)

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    ANYTHING delaing with financials is a don't buy in my book. The sub prime crapola is NOT over.

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