Answer Quick Please! Matthew Fox Movies; Vantage Point?

OK so me and my mom saw this commercial for a movie with Matthew Fox in it, and it was about the president being killed or something...also it had susan surandon (however you spell her name) in it I think...well I saw the commercial again (I'm seeing these commericials on DVDs, so the commercials are old) and netflix says they dont have it, and even blockbuster said they looked through this list of like every movie in the US and they don't have does anyone know what I'm talking about, or what movie this is? i have like 30 minutes so I need answers fast! thanks!


Well actually..I just went to its 'official website" and it said "coming soon" so I don't know...I think the commercial was on either Vacancy, Transformers, or Disturbia

2 Answers

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