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Radio Terms pt 1?

What do these mean?






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    BMI - Broadcast Music INC (a music rights licensing firm... Almost all music on radio today is licensed or a fee has to be payed to play it.. BMI and ASCAP are the two main organizations for that in the US)

    BM -(aka BPM) Beats a minute (measures tempo of a song)

    AC - Adult Contemporary (Music that is considered to be current or within the last 20-30 years or so that is not hard and obnoxious but is popular music)

    CHR- Contemporary Hit Radio (aka Top 40) Plays songs from most popular music that is the top requested songs in the land.

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    BMI - Body Mass Index?

    BM - Beautiful Music Format

    AC - Adult Contemporary Radio Format Also Known as Lite Pop/ Adult Hits etc..

    CHR - Contemporary Hit Music also known as Top 40

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