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Whats the difference between Abercrombie, and Abercrombie&Fitch?

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    Abercrombie is cheaper and they have children's sizes starting at 7 slims i think and going up to 16 regular. Abercrombie & Fitch has adult size clothing it comes in all womens and mens sizes. Also Abercrombie is not as expensive had Abercrombie & Fitch. They both have a lot of the same types and styles of clothing. The only big difference is basically the sizes! I hoped this helped!

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    I'm obsessed with Abercrombie Kids/ & Fitch. There's really only a few main differences.

    1. Sizes are bigger for Teens

    2. Clothes geared to Teens

    So technically, only 2 differences. But I like both stores ALOT. I'm a in Abercrombie Kids and an x small at A&F.

    Hope this helped bb,


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    Abercrombie is for younger kids like "pre-teens", its geared towards younger kids.There clothes are a lot smaller in size of course, but they're still REALLY expensive. i've bought a winter jacket from Abercrombie which was like an X-Large and it was still like $90 (even though i'm like a small)

    while Abercrombie&Fitch is for teens-young adults, their clothing is more mature, and sophisticated.

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    abercrombie is for kids like 12 and younger. abercrombie and fitch is for like adults and older teens like 14-21. and the newest store ruehl is people from 21- and older

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    abercrombie is for "kids" but like not 10 year olds only, prob up to like 15-ish. abercrombie and fitch has bigger sizes.

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