grammy award or billboard award?

why are grammy awards so important to artist(s)/band(s) when it should be billboards awards? since they are the ones that make or break an/a artist(s)/band(s). without the billboard albums wouldnt be selling.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The Grammy's were originally intended to be music's version of the Oscar...the Academy of Music Arts and Sciences gives out the awards, and they are usually voted upon by the artist's peers in the industry.....Billboard Music Awards, on the other hand, are based on sales, so I can see your point and agree somewhat, except I don't believe the award itself determines whether an album sells or not, since it basically has to sell to get the award....whatever our opinions may be, in the industry itself, the Grammy is considered the highest honor among most artists and musicians, and to it's credit, many relatively unknown artists have gotten recognition thanks to the Grammy's, i.e. Bonnie Raitt had been around forever, and gone unnoticed until her album Luck of the Draw won so many awards, and then it was stardom for her. And KD Lang would've never made it out of a failing country music career had it not been for the Grammy's. So to not sell so many albums and yet still win a Grammy has actually helped some artists get recognition. So I think for that part, the Grammy's are still tops among the music awards.

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