arkansas interstate claim for child support arrearage?

I am looking for an answer to my interstate claim for child support from the absent parent that is in arrears


! would like to know more about interstateclaims and why they refuse me my benefits in arrearage that they

have collected from the absent parent.

and why they can continue collecting and I as the mother have not heard a word from the interstate, state or federal

child support claims unit. I have no money for legal help. my children are of age 18, and the funds should belong to us not whomever has them pleas if there is a descent person that knows the agony that I have been feeling over this ,if some one can relate to my question would you help me locate the organization i need to contact to get this matter resolved?

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    This office was established to help in interstate collection of child support. Please note that there may be fees involved if money is collected.

    Office of the Administrator

    The Arkansas Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) is responsible for the delivery of child support services under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act. The program began in Arkansas in 1977 as the Child Support Enforcement Unit of the Arkansas Department of Human Services. Effective July 1, 1993, child support services were transferred to the Department of Finance and Administration Revenue Services Division under the name of Arkansas Office of Child Support Enforcement.

    Contacts Telephone Fax eMail

    Dan McDonald, Administrator 501-682-6169 501-682-6002 eMail

    Address: 400 E Capitol, P.0. Box 8133, Little Rock, AR 72203

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