Has anyone noticed the link between racism and eating meat?

I have noticed a pattern. I find that racist people also happen to be meat eaters. Has anyone else ever noticed this?
Update: vici, racist people don't admit the are racist. Just your attitude towards my question indicates you have racist tendencies.
Update 2: flu_flu, Hitler was not a vegetarian. That is just another lie generated by meat eaters to try and hide their own guilt.
Update 3: flu_flu, LOL, you really need to do some reading and try an educate yourself with a little something called the truth. It is a well known fact, that the whole Hitler was a vegetarian thing is a straight lie. Any person with any education whatsoever knows that.
Update 4: flu_flu, ROFL, please learn how to spell colleagues. I am laughing so hard right now, I am crying.
Update 5: drusilla, thanks, very good answer
Update 6: rooketho, what can I say about your reply that hasn't already been said about your face. It makes me want to laugh when I look at it.
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