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Good computer or laptop for playing the Sims2???

i need 1 that is fast and i can have some expansions and also i tunes and internet also it has to have the stuff to make essays... also it has to be at a good price and easy to find... maybe a pic of the laptop or computer would help and were you found it too... THANX

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    First check out the PC requirements ( configuration) mentioned on the Gamebox of Sims2 then try visiting and may be u can find the one which u are looking for

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    1 decade ago

    Look on ebay, if you get a good deal you can play the sims just fine for about 250

    Brands and models dont matter; look for something that has

    1. a proccesor of at least 1.8GHZ (not dual core, they are more expensive and the sims does not support the way they work)

    I recommend Pentium 4 procesors (of at least 1.8ghz)

    2. Ram. Get at least 512mb, but 1gb would be good.

    3 hard drive. For only the sims and essays and internet, you dont need a big one, maybe 40gb (if it get full buy a external one to put your stuff in, much cheaper)

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  • 1 decade ago

    You can try first by visiting The Sims 2 official site. It has a list of the system requirements. By looking at that, you will have at least an idea what laptop to buy.

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