Bassinet Vs "Family Bed"?

I was wondering what everyone's opinions are on placing your newborn in a bassinet beside the bed VS having the baby in the bed with you between mommy and daddy.

I've read a little bit about the "family bed" and the bonds it creates...

What did you/will you do with your newborn?

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    With our son we never even used a basinette. He slept in my bed at the hospital, and slept in our bed when we came home.

    I can't speak highly enough of co-sleeping.

    It does indeed promote a bond, sleep-sharing does that with partners, siblings, parents, friends... it's wonderful really.

    It's also alot more convenient if you're breastfeeding. You just roll over and tuck baby up to the breast and drift back off to peaceful sleep. And bonus points: when your baby gets older, you might not even wake up all the way to feed your baby, or even remember doing it. But your baby will be quiet, fat, happy, and have a full diaper :)

    I put my son in a crib when he was 4 months, he transitioned fine (this was only for naps mainly). He's 11 months and I'm telling you it gets better with time. He snuggles and it's so sweet. I'm not worried about "getting him out" but I figure around 1 1/2 or 2 he may start getting interested in his own bed... we'll cross that bridge when we get there though.

    There's alot of info out there about the family bed. Keep reading! I found info to suggest it may reduce the risk of SIDS....

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    My daughter just turned a year old, and she sleeps in her crib now.But, she slept in the bed with us for the first few months of her life then we moved her into the bassinet beside the bed, and finally into her crib which we moved into our room! I always feel safer with her near me, and she had acid reflux,so I wanted to keep her as close as possible so I could keep an eye on her. Don't worry about rolling over on baby in the bed.If you're like me, that new mother instinct will kick in and you will be too worried to sleep deeply ,anyway! But, if your husband is a wild sleeper, you might want to consider the bassinet. Our bed is king sz, so we had plenty of room, and they have those wedges that will keep the baby on it's side or back,and that keeps anybody from rolling on him/her too.Just go with what makes you comfortable since you're the primary caregiver.I didn't have a problem switching to crib,but some people do. Good luck!

    Source(s): personal experience as mom of 3
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    I never planned on having a "family bed". Our first son was independant from the moment he was born, putting himself on an eating every 3-4 hour schedule, sleeping better in his crib than with or on someone, and sleeping through the night at 7 weeks.

    THEN the baby came along. LOL He is 10 months old and has yet to spend a night in his crib. We are still breastfeeding(#1 was on formula patially at 3weeks and fully at 8); so he still wakes numerous times at night to eat. We began cosleeping in the hospital, because even at a few hours old he would not sleep unless he was with me. Then came the middle of the night is so much easier to half wake up, pull out a boob, latch the baby, and then doze off again then having to get up, go to their room, get situated, nurse, get them back into the crib, go back to your bed; just to do it again in another 2 hours.

    I figure that soon enough we will start working on getting him into his own bed; he is starting to eat up too much in ours. However, we will do it slowly, and there will be NO crying it out.

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    Either way make sure you look up the safety regulations on both.

    I personally do a bit of both. I don't co-sleep when my husbands in the bed... so she can be dead center and I know she's not going anywhere.

    Best of luck... also check out those side car beds... the attach to the side if the bed and on side folds down. Like an extension.

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    I think it's fine to put baby in bed with you, as long as you & dad are comfortable with it!! All of my children have or do sleep with hubby & I. My daughter(now 19) slept in her grandma's bed off & on for quite a while. My 3 yr old sleeps with dad & I, and with our hectic schedule & a new baby @ home, it makes things alot easier at night. Also, our newest baby was born @ 26 wks & just came home from NICU after 91 dys. He has a bassinet in our room that he sleeps in, but if he's fussy I'll lay him on my chest or next to me (opposite side from my 3 yr old) and he'll go right to sleep. Co-sleeping isn't for everyone, and we didn't set ot to do this, but it has happened & is workong for us!!

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    I sleep with my baby. When he wakes up I lay there and feed him and go back to sleep. I hardly miss any sleep this way. He is comforted as he has been in my body for 9 months. Putting him in a cold bassinet or crib by himself and expecting him to just sleep with no hearbeat or body heat, is just too much to ask of a newborn I think. At first I was worried about rolling on him, so for the first 2 weeks, I used a co-sleeping basket for in my bed. He outgrew it in 2 weeks though. he is 4 months old and sleeps with me, but takes naps in his playpen

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    I'm due in a few days and I just don't know about the family bed. I have crib, and I will use it. I think having my daughter in the bed with the hubbie and I could be dangerous haha But seriously, imagine sleeping (deeply) and then waking up to find your hunny threw a pillow to the side and it landed on top of the baby!! Not just that but you rolled over and squished her or hit her. It's a dangerous situation for someone so small. Maybe as they grow up, one or two nights if they had a bad dream, or if they are scared, or you guys fall asleep together, but having a child in the bed with your hunny and you early- creates the illusion that they can do it all the time. And that's not the case.

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    You can check that article out if you like.

    We co-sleep and have with all 3. Our oldest was more of a "crib baby". He always started out in that and we moved him to the bed. With our youngest 2, we just cut to the chase. We like it, they have done it since they were born and in the hospital, and the older boys transitioned to their bed when they were 2 and nearly 3. Our baby is 13 months old and sleeps with us now.

    Once you have children you need to become a bit more creative with intimacies and we have as well. As well, none of them got out but as a safety measure, there is a baby gate in front of our door and we have the door to our bathroom closed. I hear them the moment they arise and the same is true for our older boys.

    My husband and I highly recommend it.

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    I put my baby in a papasaun. You can plae it near your bed, so you can reach out through out the night to pick you baby up. I have heard to many stories of babies being rolled on in the bed. I prefer the papasaun. Sometimes the baby would fall asleep on my chest.

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    Our dd sleeps with us, however we have no pillows and no thick comforters. It works for us, we love the closeness and security it gives her. But she also sleeps in her bassinet during the day for naps, etc.

    Every parent has diferent feelings regarding this topic so you really have to do what you are most comfortable with. And your partner, becuase it affects them as well.

    Good Luck!

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