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例如:知識就是力量 Knowledge is power

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    滾石不生苔 A rolling stone gathers no moss.

    水滴石穿 Constant dropping wears away stones.

    不患不聰明,患不篤實 Concern yourself not about your being unwise, but about your being


    好的事,開始最難 Each goodly thing is hardest to begin.

    經驗是苦難的結晶 Experience is the extract of suffering.

    自助天助 God helps those who help themselves.

    文勝於武 The pen is mighter than the sword.

    事事學、時時學、處處學 Learn whatever it may be, whenever you can, and wherever you will.

    不知為不知,是知也 Knowledge is the realization of ignorance.

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