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事實上Pizza這名字是個人名,而且是個王妃的名字,這種餅原來只是民間小吃,有一天王宮裡的王妃嘴饞,請了位民間的廚師進宮來做菜吃,這位廚師就用番茄、羅勒和mozzarella做了一個餅,王妃一吃十分驚喜,這個餅就依王妃的名字命名,王妃的名字叫做Pizza Margherita,這也就是瑪格麗特Pizza的由來。


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    In fact the pizza is since, the profusion of different opinions, the most interesting parlance,'s ising a pizza is a horse can wave the Chinese scallion cake of Mr. Luo remember, mistake through beauty of quality change and become.

    In fact Pizza this name is personal, and is an imperial concubine's name, this kind of cake originally just civil light repast, one day the imperial concubine in the palace is greedy, inviting folks of the cook come into the palace to cook to eat, this cook did a cake with tomato, basil and mozzarella, imperial concubine an eat very surprised and pleased, this cake assign name to according to the imperial concubine's name, the imperial concubine's name is called Pizza Margherita, this is also Margaret Pizza's cause.

    According to research, pizza should is originate Mediterranean of flat even bread, may be an ancient time Persian of food, appeared at the earliest stage with ancient Greece relevant, at the earliest stage of recording and coming from the collection of poems Virgil of ancient Rome poet in, the censor of same period has already recorded a Xu writing to subsist down as well.And have the description that 1 and modern pizza have already looked like rather to this kind of cake:"A kind of flour does of, flat even circle cake, pour up the olive oil, vanilla and the honey, roast by stone stove familiar eat.".Also dig out a similar to the modern pizza store store from is ruined by the volcano of the huge shell the ancient city Yi the Ji.


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