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Should I get Firefox?

I'm thinking about downloading Firefox, I have Internet Explorer, but now I want Firefox. The questions I have are, is it safe? (No viruses will come with it, right?) And what is so good about Firefox? What are your experiences with Firefox?

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    No firefox does not come with virus or any other junk as long as you download it from the main source. Internet explorer is attached to just about every program on your computer making it a prime target for hackers. Firefox is simply a web browser and does not go into your system the same way IE does so its safer to use. I find firefox useful because you can download add-ons to make your web browser better; for example I have firefox and downloaded Adblock Plus, it blocks all ads on the internet its really cool.

    Download firefox here

    Firefox add-ons can be found here

    If you don't want to download firefox then at least download Opera. Its another type of Web browser and its safer to use than internet explorer.

    Download Opera here

    Download Opera widgets here (add-ons)

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    Yup, you should get Firefox.

    It's one hundred-percent safe. It's open-source and free, which means that you don't have to pay anything for it. And since it's open-source, you'll be sure that it doesn't contain any viruses, malware or spyware.

    It's great because unlike IE, Firefox is a standards-compliant browser, which means it displays web-sites as they should really be displayed. And the best thing about it is that it's extensible--you can download and install tons of free plugins to help improve your browsing. You can install add-ons to block irritating ads, integrate your usual workflow and do almost everything you want.

    This might sound like an advertisement, but believe me, I'm a Firefox convert because I learned just how better it is compared to IE.

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    Firefox is amazing!!!! Internet Explorer is a huge piece of crap. Firefox is way more secure and has tonnes of addons to make it as secure as you want. It's faster, nicer looking, and completely customizable. Change right now

    Email if you want more help

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    ^top?? thats a wierd answer.

    Firefox is free, (IE is not free you have to buy an OS.) better and more secure than IE (Internet Exploder) So go and download it now! And you have tonz of free addons.

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    no just stay with IE fire fox is for cool people

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    It is faster!

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