chat rooms?

I have Yahoo Messenger but I don't Know how to access chat rooms. Detailed help would be great.

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    Here' s how to chat in Yahoo Chatrooms.

    On your Yahoo Messenger, click Messenger > Yahoo Chat > Join Room

    Select the Yahoo Chat Room you want to join

    "Connecting to Yahoo Chat" window opens. Click "Enter Chat" when the advert completes downloading.

    The Chat Room you selected opens. You'lll find that your id/name and Yahoo Chat Administrator are the only chatters in the chat room.

    You need to undergo a verification process first to get into yahoo chatrooms.

    This has been setup by Yahoo to prevent automated bots and spammers to give us all REAL people enjoyment in chating.

    When you join a chatroom a chatroom window will open with the following message --

    ( To help prevent spam and bots from disrupting your Yahoo! chat experience, please click here to verify your account (this link will open a new web browser window).

    Underneath this message is the Captcha. that you need to click ONCE.

    When a new web browswer opens, the following message appears -

    "To join the chatroom please complete the following verification." and "Please enter the characters shown above"

    Type in the characters in the box and then click submit.

    After a few seconds the chatroom window will now open.


    But if for some reason the chat room box you see looks like this.......

    The chat room window where you see the messages is just 1" wide and the box where Yahoo adverts are shown...shows a long error message saying...."The page cannot be displayed.....etc. etc."?

    If so, press the "up" arrow on the 1" wide chat window to scroll. The captcha link is "hidden" up there. Click on it when you see it and a new browser window will open.Copy the security code on the box provided and click "submit". When you have done so, the chat room box will then function normally.

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    if you tried the latest messenger ... .... click messenger / yahoo chat .. also , have you ever heard of 3rd party chat clients for use on yahoo ? ... these chat programs are written by actual chat user ... mostly from Yahoo Chat Help:1 ... no ad banners / free / boot proof and loaded with options like signing in with capital letters these free chats are more stable then messenger and rock ... currently Yazak chat has a special login feature to help you enter chat ... get it @ .... listed under yahoo pages / free boot proof chat on the menu bar

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    Yeah Yahoo nevertheless has their old chat rooms to get to them you may desire to flow to the messenger tab on your messenger and flow to yahoo chat then click on connect a room. in basic terms warning you there is a good number of bots in the rooms these days. undecided if actual human beings head there anymore.

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    theres no yahoo chat command

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