2000 Ford Taurus sensor...?

... I purchased a sensor at a local auto parts store that my car needs now I cant think of what it is called. I have the box but it doesnt say the name just says sensor.. what types of sensors are on a ford taurus.. all i know is that it is a little box with hoses coming off of it. i need to know bc my friend may be able to install it.. hope someone1 can help me


it looks like a black rectangular box probaly 2 inches by 1 1/2 inches and has one piece that comes off that has three metal prongs in it and the top of it has 2 little tubes one a little larger then the other.. sorry i know nothing about cars

Update 2:

i tried to google it..maybe its a dpfe sensor.. this is the site i went on.. also if you know what im talking about how hard is it to install


Update 3:

i guess no1 knows.. but just a few mins searching the internet and i found what it is called and how to install it.. now ill just have to find a man to do it.

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    That is the DPFE sensor, as you are probably already aware by now. Since no one bothered to chime in, here it goes:

    DPFE = Differential Pressure Feedback Exhaust

    The purpose of this sensor is to to "sense" exhaust gas flow through the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve, and relay this information to the PCM (Powertrain Control Module, or engine computer in layman's terms). The PCM uses this information, amongst other "inputs" from other sensors to determine if EGR flow is appropriate under the vehicle's current operating conditions. Due to this particular sensor being exposed to hot exhaust gases constantly, as well as the inevitable that moisture that results when the vehicle is shut down, that moisture eventually shorts out the sensor internally causing its failure. The failure of this particular part is very common on all Ford products so equipped. It is also extremely common for independent shops unfamiliar with Ford products to misdiagnose this concern as a failed EGR valve. It would be advisable to purchase the replacement part from a Ford dealer, due to the numerous updates to this particular part. Replacing it takes all of one minute in most cases. Seeing where the part is situated should make it self-evident regarding its installation. Hope this helps.

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    It is DPFE sensor,easy to replace it by yourself,only 2 screws holding it,pull 2 hoses out and unplug 3 wire plug harness.

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    that is a DPFE sensor. it senses the differential pressure of the exhaust gas in your EGR system. it is a very common failed part for Ford and will set your service engine light. replacement is very straightforward. be sure to reattach the two hoses in their respective locations to the old part, plug it in and you're off sand running. this part generally causes the P0400/P0401 codes

    Source(s): 10 years Ford service technician
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    You need a man to do put it on? That is not very "politically correct" now,is it?

    You could flirt a guy into doing it for you I suppose,but try to install yourself.You may just surprise yourself.

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    5 years ago

    On rear of engine block, near the thermostat. you also want to check your fuse bock for burn or worn out ones as well.

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