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How safe is Quito, Ecuador?

I am a 20 year old female university student. Is it safe for me to spend 6 weeks in Quito this summer by myself?

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    Having travelled and lived in Ecuador I think you will be just fine if you will use common sense.Quito is no different than most cities in the world today.I think the previous poster *agando* has already given you a very good answer. The majority of the crimes I have seen in my travels are crimes of opportunity usually using some form of diverting your attention.... pickpockets,petty thieves, snatch and grab etc.Your easiest and best defense to this sort of crime is to stay constantly aware of your surroundings and avoid crowded places.

    Below is a list of some other tips that I always review before I travel.They are all common sense and will serve you well when ever & where ever you choose to travel.

    The basics of protecting yourself are:

    Leave the valuables and money you don't need at your hotel room, preferably in a safe.

    Know and avoid the most dangerous areas.

    Be alert, especially in crowded spaces or when people invade your personal space.

    Stash valuables in hard-to-reach places. (see following sections)

    Do not carry more cash than you are likely to need.

    Carry money and passport in separate places, so that losing one doesn't mean losing the other as well.

    Wear packs in "front" of you, not at the rear or side.

    Deep front trouser pockets offer more protection than back pockets, but be aware that experienced pickpockets can even get into zippered front pockets.

    Inside jacket pockets offer even better protection, especially if they are zippered.

    Dress inconspicuously so as not draw attention to yourself as a "rich foreigner."

    Attach your wallet to a chain. Better yet, ditch the wallet

    entirely and use a money clip, or just fold the bills into your pocket.

    Get a money belt and wear it underneath your clothes. Keep your passport and extra money in there. Even if someone knows you are wearing it, they will be hard-pressed to get at it without you noticing.

    Consider taking a page from the theives' book and use distraction. Carry a cheap wallet with a few small bills in it in an obvious place like your hip pocket. This may decoy pickpockets' attention away from your real stash.

    Above all, do not flash your valuables around unnecesarily. An expensive watch on your wrist or fancy camera around your neck is quite a temptation to someone whose annual income may be less than its price.

    Keep all bags and other valuables where you can see them in restaurants, ground terminals, and other public places.

    Lastly,have a great trip.Ecauador is a beautiful country full of friendly people with an amazing amount of things to see and do.I suspect,like me, you will return there many times.

    Buen Viaje!

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    Quito Safety

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  • 6 years ago

    I stopped in Quito for a few days before heading to the Galapagos.

    To be fair, I am not a big international travel but I would NEVER go back to Quito.

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    I went to Quito in may and I found it quit safe, I mean your not going out flashing your welth around, that would get you mugged in any big city, in some areas like old quito and where the gringos hang like me, in the bar and club area there lots of police, also try to look not like a tourist theres lots of american looking people so you can play the part , oh speaking spanish is a must - to try not to look like a tourist I mean

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    Quito is pretty safe but as any big city around the world there are areas you should avoid specially at night and alone, for example "La Mariscal", more of the bars are around this area but it is quite dangerous for a female to walk alone at night, the main advice is to have a good common sense.

    Once again avoid walking at night alone, taxis are very inexpensive, don't walk around with cameras or jewelry, be aware of your surroundings, who is walking around you. if you do get mugged avoid confrontation, give them what they want, it is a nasty experience, but it can be worse if you refuse to give them money.

    As long as you do this you should be safe, Quito is a very nice city and we (Ecuadorians) usually will help everybody to have a nicer experience. be confident without taking unnecessary risks

    Source(s): I am from Quito
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    Quito, Ecuador, is high in the Andes mountains. Accordingly, you will be exposed to increased ionizing radiation from cosmic rays, as there is less protection from the atmosphere. The total increase in radiation dose probably won't be much, though, so it shouldn't increase your risk of cancer, birth defects, etc. very much.

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  • When I stay in Quito I stay in the areasresidential areas around Carolina Park and Gonzales Suarez. The City Center is great for during the day, but is not recommended at night. I have been to Ecuador and Quito many times over the past 5 years. I try to stay at my favorite place in a upscale area where the "better off" Ecuadorians live and go out. Try to look up Karlas place it is great and cost a lot less than any hotel in that area.

    Be safe and don't walk around with loads of $$ and jewelry. Be smart as you should in any country or new city.

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    i don't think it would be that safe...i want to go also and everyone has been telling me to go with a friend cuz it could be dangerous by yourself. You never know what kind of creeps will be there...Curious why Ecuador?...i'm Ecuadorian so i really wan to go and just kind of learn about my background! Email me! :)

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