Why does Iran want to produce nuclear weapons?

Why does Iran want to possess nuclear weaopon, and why the world is fearing it?

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    Ok first off, it is important to correct your question: Iran has not stated it is attempting to create nuclear weapons. Iran has stated and as a member of the NPT, requested, the authority to enrich Uranium for energy purposes.

    It is a very common mistake to believe that Iran is trying to make nuclear weapons because that is the propaganda Bush has been spinning for years now. (Btw, just yesterday on CSPAN a famous author was making this distinction also)

    Ok now with that said, let's go back to why Iran would desire nuclear weapons if that were the case. In order to explain this, I am going to go down a chronological track of events:

    1. Dec 2001, Bush Jr removes the USA from the ABM Treaty (anti-ballistic missile treaty). This is long range nuclear missiles. By removing the USA, that is making a global statement that Bush intends to begin making these long range nuclear weapons again. This in itself is enough to make Iran, or any other country, want to make nuclear weapons.

    2. Jan 2002, in Bush's State of the Union Speech, he declares Iran, Iraq and N. Korea on his axis of evil.

    3. Nov. 2002, North Korea, feeling threatened by Bush stating they are an enemy, announces it will remove itself as a member of the NPT. Note: as part of being a NPT member, in order to leave the NPT, each member agrees it will make a 6 month advanced announcement of these intentions.

    4. March 2003, going against the United Nations' recommendation, Bush invades Iraq, one of the countries on his axis of evil.

    5. 2003, 2004 N. Korea follows up with removing itself from the NPT and announces it will restart it's nuclear program and testing.

    6. 2004 Iran announces, as a viable member of the NPT (nuclear proliferation treaty), it has the right to enrich uranium for energy purposes.

    Special Note: it was an irony that Bush went to India last year and gave them permission to work on creating nuclear weapons... India is NOT a member of the NPT while Iran is.

    7. This came later but is relevant. Bush is in a battle right now with Russia in an attempt to put a missile base in the region there. It is under the disguise of an anti-missile base but it is common knowledge that an anti-missile has the same capability as a missile... this would give Bush the capability to nuke Iran and even China.

    There is more but those are the main events that I believe led up to the enemies that Bush stated desiring to protect themselves. Bush antagonized them.. he stated they were his enemy then invaded one of them... what do ppl expect to happen. Do ppl think those countries will just lie down and say, "oh well whatever..."

    No, they will protect themselves.

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    Iran is a little nation. It's tired of getting sand kicked on it. It thinks it should be considered as one of the important nations in the world. I thinks nuclear weapons will achieve that end.

    And their having nuclear weapons is troublesome because, while the other nuclear powers are intelligent enough to realize that to use nuclear weapons against anybody would likely spark an all-out nuclear exchange that would destroy humanity, and they don't want to be destroyed along with everybody else, Iran is too stupid to figure that out... or doesn't care.

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    The Iranians have the right to do whatever they want in their country. I don't know why they want the nuclear weapons but definetly not to kill or attack anybody. Iran won't attack Israel with nuclear weapons as some idiots think for a simple reason, if they do, they will not only destroy the Israelis but will destroy all the Arabs and Muslims around and millions of innocent people..

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    Iran with Nuclear Weapons I say NO NO NO No

    What if the below happen's all because of Iran's beliefs

    It will only take one stupid action to set off a Thermo nuclear war and if such action is started, you can kiss goodbye to all life forms on this planet there will be no winner's , and just because of someone's stupid beliefs of what they think.

    So a rogue country which has stated that they indend to do to a country in the middle east don't think the rest of the world won't be in danger, well think again.

    Because other countries around that region would be the first to suffer the the massive fall out of radiation , and so it will spread to other countries, who will in turn retaliate as well. eg: tit for tat.

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    Most of the Middle East has an entrenched hatred for Israel. It would be very similar to Russia and the US during the cold war. It could be viewed as an arms race. They are trying to out gain Israel with nuclear bombs. The problem that the world has is that Iran does not only hate Israel but most of the free world. This has been demonstrated for years. The evidence is clear. They are now trying to act all innocent and make the US the bad guys in all of this but how can anyone trust them. Its like a serial killer saying that he only wants to take people back to his home for popcorn and a movie. Would you want to trust him. Well, the US does not trust Iran either, which I do not think is a bad thing.

  • I can't believe how many morons are on here DEFENDING Iran! Obviously you have never cracked a book.

    If they get nukes, say goodbye to Israel. Say goodbye to a few American cities.

    Is that what you want?

    Study what their President has said... and what he believes, you dopes, before taking your Bush Derangement Syndrome to the point of defending a rogue nation.

    Either that, or just shut up and MOVE there.

    Wow. Wanna know why you get branded as anti-American?

    Because you are.

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    I've always assumed that if they indeed want to have nukes that it's because Israel has them. The one thing that has helped maintain Israels existence more than any other is that if they were attacked and backed into a corner, they could turn the attacking country into a ditch with nuclear weapons.

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    The world is fearing it because there are some fanatics in the Iranian government. As to why they would want nuclear weapons? Don't you know? To be one of the big boys you have to have nukes! If you want to be recognized as a world power or world player, stack those nukes and suddenly you have everyones attention.

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    They want nuclear weapons to prevent us from invading them like we did to Iraq.

    Do you remember how Bush was smack talking about North Korea and saying all sorts of stuff like, "we don't negotiate with terrorists." Well, as soon as North Korea tested a nuclear device, no more smack talk, no more threats and lo and behold, we negotiated a disarmament deal.

    Oh and Bush himself said that Iraq and Iran had nothing to do with 9-11, so people need to log onto Fox and update their brains with the latest hot-fixes straight from the White House.

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    They say they don't. If they don't want to possess nuclear weaopons, then we might be able to relax.

    Ask yourself, what can they do, as an encoure, after "9-11"?!? What could possibly top THAT???

    Nuking the great satan might be a great show stopper...don't you think?!?

    Then we in the west would fall to our knees, and be forced into Islam, as these anarchist murders demand! Or maybe NOT!!!

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