Why does Iran want to produce nuclear weapons?

Why does Iran want to possess nuclear weaopon, and why the world is fearing it?

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    IRAN has no right other the first sole user of atom bomb ( USA used against JAPAN).

    All can use it for PEACE (except propieter user- USA).

    Like [POOR india is making deal with USA for peaceful use by POOR Indian.


    INDIA GO NUCLEAR - Why, How, When What ?

    TO MEET ENERGY NEED AFTER 60 YEARS India shall go nuclear and sign treaty like 123 / NPT.

    Is nuclear deal of India with US is really worth? It worth down the line of 50 - 60 years.

    [A}.-Why worth ?

    1) Fossile fuel is limited in INDIA and world.,

    2) Nuclear fuel is also limited in INDIA AS WELL AS in world but can give enrgy for some years.

    [B]. - Con of Nuclear?

    Cost of coal based power is Rs 1.50 / KWHcompared to Rs 3.00 /KWH for nuclear.

    Like petroleum, Foreign currancy will goout for


    2). FUEL,



    5) dependent on other

    6) Possible stopage of fuel on later date (like USA stopped for TARAPUR UNITS, canadian STOPPED FOR RAWTBHATA UNITS)

    [C]. - Options for INDIA ?

    OPTIONS with little or no foreign currancy OUTGO:

    1) WIND mill with limitless energy

    2) HYDRAL with limitless life span,

    3) SOLAR with limitless life,

    4) Municipal waste with limitless life,

    5) Agriculture waste WITH LIMITLESS LIFE

    6) COAL

    7) GAS


    1) NUCLEAR


    [D] Why 50 - 60 years?

    Now INDIA MAY SURVIVE with coal and gas, but after 60 years WIND, SOLAR, HYDRAL, WASTE cannot give sufficient energy for the INDUSTRY.

    [E].- What is the option ?


    [F] What is about foreign currency, dependence?

    1). SINCE 50 - 60 YEARS is long. INDIA SHALL EXPLORE IT'S 1800 KM by 2000 km land surface, 100 - 2000 km on sea bed to check if urenium can be extracted economically.

    2) USA has formed NSG with 50 countries to deny access to nuclear fuel to countries like NDIA. World has 120 - 150 countries. INDIA can make an extensive search for URANIUM in the remaining POOR countries. It will help that POOR country for their economic unliftment and HELP india to gel fuel. But how does it stop the foreigncurrency outgo? Since these poor contries need is limited to " ROOTI-KAPDE-AUR-MOKAN", in which INDIA is strong enough; it can exchagne those goods with NUCLEAR FUEL ( if available). Since these poor countries does not have economical, technological capability, they will welcome help from INDIA.

    [G]. Why this deal ?

    If INDIA refused to this proposal, OPTION as in [F] above can not be materialised? Why? Since USA is WORLD DADA, it will influence other ( 125-50 = 75) countries not to allow INDIA for exercising OPTION [F]

    [H].- Conclusion ?

    INDIAN has no option but to sign the deal.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Why does America want to convince the world that Iran wants to produce Nuclear weapons?

    If I was the leader of Iran I'd be thinking I better get us some protection from that nutty Bush guy.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ok first off, it is important to correct your question: Iran has not stated it is attempting to create nuclear weapons. Iran has stated and as a member of the NPT, requested, the authority to enrich Uranium for energy purposes.

    It is a very common mistake to believe that Iran is trying to make nuclear weapons because that is the propaganda Bush has been spinning for years now. (Btw, just yesterday on CSPAN a famous author was making this distinction also)

    Ok now with that said, let's go back to why Iran would desire nuclear weapons if that were the case. In order to explain this, I am going to go down a chronological track of events:

    1. Dec 2001, Bush Jr removes the USA from the ABM Treaty (anti-ballistic missile treaty). This is long range nuclear missiles. By removing the USA, that is making a global statement that Bush intends to begin making these long range nuclear weapons again. This in itself is enough to make Iran, or any other country, want to make nuclear weapons.

    2. Jan 2002, in Bush's State of the Union Speech, he declares Iran, Iraq and N. Korea on his axis of evil.

    3. Nov. 2002, North Korea, feeling threatened by Bush stating they are an enemy, announces it will remove itself as a member of the NPT. Note: as part of being a NPT member, in order to leave the NPT, each member agrees it will make a 6 month advanced announcement of these intentions.

    4. March 2003, going against the United Nations' recommendation, Bush invades Iraq, one of the countries on his axis of evil.

    5. 2003, 2004 N. Korea follows up with removing itself from the NPT and announces it will restart it's nuclear program and testing.

    6. 2004 Iran announces, as a viable member of the NPT (nuclear proliferation treaty), it has the right to enrich uranium for energy purposes.

    Special Note: it was an irony that Bush went to India last year and gave them permission to work on creating nuclear weapons... India is NOT a member of the NPT while Iran is.

    7. This came later but is relevant. Bush is in a battle right now with Russia in an attempt to put a missile base in the region there. It is under the disguise of an anti-missile base but it is common knowledge that an anti-missile has the same capability as a missile... this would give Bush the capability to nuke Iran and even China.

    There is more but those are the main events that I believe led up to the enemies that Bush stated desiring to protect themselves. Bush antagonized them.. he stated they were his enemy then invaded one of them... what do ppl expect to happen. Do ppl think those countries will just lie down and say, "oh well whatever..."

    No, they will protect themselves.

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  • 3 years ago

    i don't pay attention something of the international crying the Iranian nuclear weapon subject. basically the administration in potential right here. How do those people in the white residing house be attentive to, quite be attentive to? They have not been there, they gained't even communicate over with the Iranians. the place did we get the concept that we are the sole ones that could desire to have such weapons. the place do we get the concept that we are greater valuable than something of the international. the place did we get the concept that we've the nicely suited to make such judgements FOR different international places. it quite is the comparable bullsh#t that we heard till now the invasion of Iraq. check out the mess we made there. Is that what the american people quite need? This administration in basic terms ask for 40 six billion greater for the war in Iraq. And he's thrashing the drum for an attack on Iran! america is borrowing funds to pay the activity on the money they have previous borrowed. With the dollar falling out of grace with something of the international borrowing gets greater solid & greater high priced. something of the international is waiting for us to fall. With the downfall of usa their own u . s . a . will upward thrust in the monetary international order. now and returned i ask your self which u . s . a . bush works for!

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  • Rick
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    1 decade ago

    There are plenty of reasons to want nukes.

    1. If you have them, nobody attacks you.

    2. If a nation is stupid enough to attack, you can make them or their troops or their allies pay.

    3. You get more respect from other nations if you have them.

    4. If you hate a people, you can kill millions of them.

    And the reason that the world (especially Israel) is fearful of Iran getting nuclear weapons is that there is a possibility that one of their reasons for wanting them is #4 above. Possibly, one of the reasons that the Bush Administration is fearful is that the Iranian leaders are also considering reason #2 above.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Purely to provoke a response from the west. Obviously, Britain cant make a comment until they have the backing of America. Now they have , they can go full guns blazing. Although someone forgot to tell them that they are over stretched, under armed and under-manned!.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The fact that they are surrounded by nuclear powers (China, Pakistan, India, the U.S., Russia, Isreal) probably has something to do with it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    They don't want nuclear weapons, they want nuclear energy to modernize their urban infrastructures.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    they have stated publicly to wipe Isreal off the map

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  • 1 decade ago

    they want to destroy america

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