Seasonal Pet Photography - Two cameras and a simple idea - Doable?

I know the idea in and of itself is NOT unique., but considering it as a side gig for the moment.

With the Holiday Season right upon us, I thought it may be a way to make some 'change'

I have a Canon 35mm SLR and a Kodak 5.1 Megapixel Digital Camera.

Can this work, what do I need to consider?

Simple, yet expensive marketing ideas?

(No I have not written a complete business plan - but jotted down a few ideas)

Thanks for the serious replies.

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    I would make a couple suggestions:

    1) Do more than straight photos - you need to show some value about why people should use your service vs. do it themselves. For example... do you have backdrops you can pose the pets against? Costumes? Tricks for getting a great shot of the animal posing, or in action, or in a portrait with the owner? What's your specialty? Do you have an output service that can help put together packages (e.g. wallet-size photos, 5x7, etc.?)

    2) Do a little research into photography businesses - checkout, the Photo Marketing Association. This can help you figure out a decent price for your services, as well as provide some ideas.

    3) Get ready to present yourself; it's easy enough with free software and printing service websites to write up a brochure, make up business cards, build a basic website, etc. If you want to collect money from people, making positive impressions will make it easier to attract, serve, and collect!

    4) Find customers - the vet office suggested earlier is a good start. But I would go a couple steps further:

    * Animal shelters - advertise there, and offer a free 5x7 (with a $35+ purchase) to help the adopter capture the bond they formed with their new pet

    * Framing shops and kennels - maybe post flyers there as well. Offer that you can both refer business to each other.

    * Recreational parks - handout a brochure to anybody walking their dog and offer a free sitting

    * Offer your clients a reduced fee if they provide you the names of 3 people they know have pets and might be interested.

    * Always be ready to network... have a stack of business cards with you at all times. Sporting events, church groups, etc. Make good friends with the staff at local pet stores, pet supplies stores, etc. Even your hairdresser is a great networking resource... they rotate 150-250 heads/month through their chair (and realtors LOVE them!)

    5) Get publicity - it will lead to more customers

    * Host a free "tips & tricks" clinic, get it listed in a "community events" calendar. Don't worry that you're educating business away from yourself... in all likelihood you're going to attract 10x as much as you potentially "lose"

    * Donate some of your time as a service to the local ASPCA, and write up a press release about it for local newspapers. Send it to the local coverage editor of area newspapers.

    6) Expand your services for new (and repeat) business. Plenty of websites out there where you can put pictures onto mugs, mousepads, t-shirts, etc.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Marketing pro, 15 years in the imaging business
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    I suggest that you go to where the customers will be. The Vets offices around you. Ask politely if you can put an ad on their wall that would explain your services.

    Most Vets will allow you to. Then make sure that you follow through with what you promise.

    Many years ago I worked for a Vet and I think that, based on what I saw of dog and cat owners, you may will have a good idea here.

    Good Luck!

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